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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

say something...

Hey folks, I'm sorry I've been MIA lately.

So this post today is devoted to saying something.

Check this out.
If you have the opportunity for Bellini's blessed hands to touch your resume, performance review write-up, etc. good things happen. Besides sprucing your language up to provide a more detailed understanding of your individual contributions, or a receiving a coveted call from HR providing a firm offer, and I could go on... So, there was a co-worker who felt undervalued and overworked. Not a good combination. So, a few Fridays ago, the weather was poor and she was trying to hike up I-95 before rush hour, and submit her resume to a prospective employer. So Bellini, asked how she could help. And since she's from NY, let's call her Brooklyn. Brooklyn hands me a hard copy of resume, job description, and career highlights and a soft copy of the same documents.

Bellini, just happen to have an afternoon telecon for the duration of the day. And Bellini can multi-task. So I revise, edit, and upgrade all documents. Unbeknownst to me, Brooklyn forwarded all my documents to prospective employer without even reviewing my deliverables, let alone proofreading. But ya know a professional shouldn't be caught dead with typos. Fast forward 2 weeks ago, Brooklyn was offered the job with elastic career potential in a recession. HOLLA!

Now Bellini has another colleague that whose work activity is being usurped from her and is sittin' idle. In some offices, sittin' idle just doesn't look good recession or no recession. Ironically enough, this colleague - we'll call her Lil'Bo Peep, was supposed to in my office. Where there is plenty of work to be had. When Lil'Bo Peep first came on board, I handed her my card and invited her to holla at me anytime. Do ya know had Lil'Bo Peep informed me of her background - her skill set would be a tremendous asset in my office- I would have her hooked her up with substantive work and positioned her to be placed back in my office. But noooooo, Lil'Bo Peep chooses to say nothing. I was enlightened about her skill set from a high-level senior employee in a roundabout way. And now, an administrative/support staff of the programmatic offices is leaving. And guess who management got to take the bait - Lil'Bo STUPID Peep. Girl, where is your brain? Your career is moving backwards!!! Do you think management could have gotten Bellini to take the bait, do you think management even identified Bellini as a sucker?

And Lil'Bo Peep is all chirpy like shit is good. But you know to each their own.
All she had to do was say something!



1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

Well this was all Greek to me because I don't have a desire for a career path- but um GO BROOKLYN! Get that money. Maybe Lil Bo Peep didn't come to you because she doesn't know that you got the gift and you got to use it. Heh.