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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teenage Wasteland

Back in the day I watched MTV all day everyday! I loved the Real World! From Real World Los Angeles to New Orleans, I watched the lives of 7 strangers taped and found out what happened when people stopped being polite. MTV was on as soon as I came home from school so I could watch TRL before people knew who Carson Daly was. What? What’s that you say? People still don’t know who Carson Daly is? Touche, that’s true. But you get my point. When I had cable it was me and MTV and then one day I couldn’t watch that crap anymore. Call it maturity, call it betrayal, but I started watching a lot of shows on CBS along with the growner, newer and sexier reality shows on TLC and Bravo. But then MTV came up with 16 and Pregnant and I came back anxiously ready to watch the lives of teen girls across America.

Each episode chronicles the struggles of young pregnant women as they deal with their significant others, parents, friends and impending motherhood. In most cases their thought processes and “logic” have me saying “this chick is going to be someone’s mother?” Seriously? It amazes me because I can’t even imagine having to care for a dependant organism I and I am well beyond my teen years; so I wonder how these women who live at home with the parents think that she and her unemployed baby daddy are going to be able to care for a life. Of course making a baby is easy, but there seems to be a major disconnect in the minds and plans of these teens. And that it what scares and entertains me as I watch. How can these women be so stupid? Don’t they know how hard life is or gets after high school? Life, in my humble opinion is not for the foolish or faint of heart!

So as I type I am watching the premiere of the second season of 16 and pregnant! This chick Janelle is crazy! She is staying in her mother’s house and yet she cusses at her mom like she’s one of her homegirls! I don’t know how they do it on the white side of North Carolina, but I know that I could not cuss my momma out in the house that she paid all the bills in. This speaks to the illogical thoughts of these teen mother’s, but also speaks to the fact that they are adolescents. Oh damn! This chick call her momma b*tch because her momma didn’t want to watch her baby! Are you serious?! Janelle’s momma needs to go get a belt and beat that a$$!

Just watch…

I think this show along with Teen Mom show the real trials of parenthood. It’s enough to scare any kid into abstinence or at most to have protected sex! Or at the very least to have them stop and think beyond the moment. And I think that’s a great thing!

See You In Seven


Dirty Red said...

I have never liked reality shows. I only watched MTV for "Yo MTV Raps". When that was cancelled I stopped watching MTV. BET and MTV is all the same in my book. Or maybe I am just getting old.

Rum Punch said...

LMAO! Yesss girl, yess! I'm 28 and 16 and pregnant has scared me straight! NO HUZBAND, NO BABIES! Unless you know I got that Oprah money. Then I'm just gon' pop out 2 or 3 babies all my damn self. Heh.