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Monday, February 15, 2010

From Boy Toy to Daddy to Boy Toy?

Sometimes being an artist is hard.
You are constantly trying to remain fresh, new and relevant.
And as you get older you have to make decisions that don't compromise your essence.
That Je ne sais quo that makes you THE artist.
It doesn't matter the medium.
Sometimes it requires reinventing or just simply maturing.

For example (I am sorry) you can't change you image by getting married and having two boys and then the next album you drop is about getting freaky in the club. Those are conflicting images! Divorce or no divorce. This is especially when we have Trey Songz filling the void for the young boy toy so nicely. I expected more from you Usher... did you even mature a little bit?

I was digging this beat until I found out what you were saying... can't get down. (smh)
"you let her put her hands in your pants
be my little freak"

Much luv until next week... peace )


Rum Punch said...

Oh Ursher. This is interesting because I was recently reading an article of an interview with the one and only Sade. And they were saying that for most celebrities it's their larger than life public persona that "defines" them and their career, but for Sade it's her much talked about private life. And Sade was basically saying she didn't have nuffin to sing about yet, so she didn't come out. And then she's not really giving interviews, she's not goin going on late night talk shows - cause her music speaks for ITSELF! I wish more artists would take note. I think Usher should evolve and get good and grown and give us good music. Stop tryna reach the teeny boppers. I'm also giving Mariah Carey the side eye. Sigh.

Dirty Red said...

Well after seeing Usher in that boolshyte ass outfit during the Allstar Game I kinda figured that he was still kinda young minded. But that is the state of R&B. As for Mariah (@Rum Punch),I cannot stand that she feels that she has to make herself look like a Hunts Point Hooker every damn time she is seen outside her house. That shit might have been sexy 15 years ago, but Mariah is about what, 40 damn years old? Come on girl!! And I am so sick of that high pitched ass shriek of hers. I'm just saying... Rum Punch you started this!!

Rum Punch said...

@ Dirty Red - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to take you there! LOL! But it's sooo true! I was flipping through the channels the other day and came upon a Mariah concert - this heffa had on a sparkly bra and then some jean pedal pushers - tryna suck it in and sing at the same time. I was like NOOOO My-My. NOOOO!