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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

times up!

It first hit me last week, while reading the Washington Post. He was backkkkk.... Former Mayor, Councilman Marion S. Barry was fodder for urrrea news again. Oh, Barry. Stop the presses, I've had enough. Retire, resign, pick any r you want. This circus has to stop. Accountability is long overdue. You're giving me a headache as I write this post. And the fact that I read Colbert King's op-ed yesterday, so spot-on, prescient in it's delivery - reminded me again why Barry must go.

I'm tired of the "b*tch set me up!" It befuddles me why we have a hard time taking accountability. And I would think Barry - you would want to enjoy your twilight years away from the media spotlight. Go pop the popcorn, as the circus will ensue. Next act - DC City Council... and the clock continues to tick-tock...



1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

HA! He ain't goin nowhere til they put him in a casket and lower him into the ground. And even then I do believe he's going out with one hand with a middle finger in the air and the other hand in a Black Power fist. Word to your mother.