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Monday, March 29, 2010

Is there no shame?

Could someone explain to me why there is no shame anymore in being a hoe?

I just don't understand.

Hoes are making websites, writing books, putting on blast how many guys they slept with, how small dudes' members are, etc and somehow they are managing to make money doing this mess!

The latest is Kat Stacks (google it, I refuse to link it).

What happened to the days when you were a whore but you kept that mess to yourself. Now we have chicks who don't even speak properly talking about all the book deals they have. Is she serious? I don't even know half the rappers she is talking about sleeping with and who cares? Hasn't the tell all book already been done. And how do you say you feel sad for the original 'video vixen'? This has to be a joke.

Everyone laughing?

She posts a video on her blogs saying that this payback for them treating her badly, which leaves me SOOO confused. You can't be serious?!?! Payback, chick you look like an fool. This isn't pay back? If anything this keeps them in the limelight. It only works when you a get with a SUPER celeb like Jordan or Tiger. And even then, it doesn't really mean anything? (sigh)

She is a mother.

I digress.


Welcome back E!

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Rum Punch said...

No, no shame. And no big mamas to smack these chicks upside they head. Don't air your dirty laundry means nothing anymore. Anywho. What you think of the video? The twitter wold was all, well atwitter. Lol. People were like this is AWESOME! She's reclaiming her body. And other deep thoughts that are synonymous w/Erykah Badu. Anywho. She said she did it guerilla style in one take and people were yelling at her to put on her f-in clothes. Heh.

Rum Punch said...

Delayed comment. This is funny that you juxtaposed this video of E. Badu taking it all off with an is there no shame in a chick talking bout her sexploits. Would we call what E. Badu is doing art? Should she not be shamed that she's running through the streets in broad daylight taking her clothes off in front of strangers and babies? This is me playing devil's advocate. But a majority of the comments I see regarding this video are lauding it and being like "she's so brave!" And supahead ain't? Heh. Just sayin.

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