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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Work Hearse

Ok good people. Let’s get it. Let me tell y’all something about Rum Punch. I hate work. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t or won’t work – there was a time when my family nicknamed me 'Jamaican woman' cause I was working three jobs at a time. I used to go to one job. Take a nap at home, in the car, wherever. Go to my other job. Work the late night. And then be up at 6 in the am to do it all again. So I will work to pay for the lifestyle to which I have made myself accustomed– trips to fun places. Being able to purchase cute purses. Shoes. house. Working just enough so I can get just what I want, but don’t really need no extra. And by extra I mean that extra that comes along with the business of work.

See I just want to come in, do my lil’ job, eat my cheese sandwich © Bernie Mac, get my hours of sick and vacay which I will use accordingly thank ya very much, collect my bi-weekly check and be out. I don’t wanna hear bout yo’ kids. I don’t hafta to go to lunch with you. I don’t wanna work my way up and climb some metaphorical ladder. I didn’t come here to make friends – I have those in my real life. I don’t wanna go to no stinkin happy hours. Or schmooze with the bosses. I don’t want to exchange business cards so we can connect. Network. And build. And talk about work some more. I don’t wanna gossip bout other co-workers. Heh. No, I take that one back. But what I don’t wanna do is be pulled into co-worker’s mess and drama with other co-workers. I don’t need no extra.

And yet God stays having a sense of humor cause right now I’m going through it at work. With a co-worker who isn’t hardly pulling her weight. Who falls asleep on the job. Who has a laissez faire – which is apparently French for I don’t gives two fux – attitude. The managers are afraid of her. HR ain’t touching her. She is persona nom grata around the office and her lack of work is affecting my work. You see because we are a “team.” And we have individual goals, but an overall team goal and she ain’t doing her part. And I’m tired of her being so extra. Extra lazy. Extra tired all the time. Always ready to go home at 10 in the am – heffa you just got here! And I’m bout ready to whup some ass.

Not just cause she ain’t pulling her weight, but because our program targets and serves girls in underprivileged neighborhoods in DC. That’s why I took this job. And I’m committed to doing a great job and making sure they receive a great service.

But y'all know I hate work, right? Riiight. And yet at the same time I curse my mama and daddy for raising me to have a work ethic and to hate mediocrity even more! And this heffa ain’t even mediocre – she’s subpar! And while it grinds my gears that she gets paid for such – it annoys me even more that there are hundreds of little Black and Brown girls missing out on a much needed program cause she don’t feel like doing it.

And no one’s making her. And she’s ok with that. I mean I guess she’s made it this far in life - putting in little or not effort. Why stop now? But this behavior just baffles me. Do you really need a manager on your ass to encourage force you to do your work? I mean daggone it they gave us a goal to make for the year and I’m determined to make it. Maybe it’s the Leo in me. Maybe it’s the instilled values. Maybe it’s because the man has me brainwashed to want to eat dangling carrots. Maybe I’m becoming one of those people who actually likes their job and wants to be good at it. Sigh.

But watching her not work makes my teeth ache. And my skin crawl. And my blood boil. Makes me wanna holla, throw up both my hands and then use both hands to slap the mess outta her and say, “Get your old ass offa facebook and DO SOME M-IN-FIN WORK! And stop playin the scary big Black woman, got these lil white women shook, role and DO SOME M-IN-FIN WORK!” It makes me wanna do better. And sometimes it makes me wanna quit. But more than anything it makes me wanna get on my grind, and follow my real dreams, cause it reinforces what I’ve always known – this working thing is for the birds. And the horses.

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!


MrsMeany said...

that lazy heffa doesn't get it! in this economic climate, she better get her shiz together!!! as much as she doesn't want to work, there are others who will do her job...BETTER and for LESS PAY! she actin' like she doesn't have bills to pay! i personally would call her out on it! she may scare THEM, but you ain't going for the "big, old black lady" bullshiz! tell her: SITCHOASSDOWN!!!
i, too, don't like my j-o-b, but i'm in here early erry damn day, bright eyed and bushy-tailed cuz as much as i don't like it, i NEEDS it...and i'll be DAMNED if some lazy co-worker don't wanna git offa his/her ass to do their share of the work (which in turn makes the job that i DESPISE even MORE despicable) now it becomes a PERSONAL problem! now WE gotta pow wow...UGH!!!! WHHHHHHHHHY?????
what makes your situation suck EVEN MORE is that her job helps the community and she could care less. W-O-W...

Rum Punch said...

Gurl! You just don't know. She has been here for five YEARS - so her laziness is not new behavior and somehow she has been able to keep a job. Like Amaretto said, doubt she's been getting raises, but she has a job.
Sitting down with her would be pointless and make my head hurt cause she talks in riddles, circles and trapazoids. Now, the day they come to me and ask me to do more cause she ain't doing her half (and I feel in my spirit that day is a-coming) is the day I politely tell them about her and themselves. Harump.

mint julep said...

you know i used be one of those i need to like the people at my job kinda people. but now i'm more like lemme do my work and go home. and i used to care about the organization and what other folks was and wasn't doin to contribute. now not so much. i'm in search of that good gub'ment job. cause caring and feelin is overrated. especially when folks don't care bout you.