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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

reality check

With just a year to dig in to his presidency, what have we learned about President Obama. So far, and perhaps for the remainder of his presidency - he is a big picture guy. And he definiteley calls all the shots. and some of us don't like it - CBC, GOP, name another group. some of us wish that he sweats the small stuff, or not so small stuff according to the CBC. all i will say to the CBC is outsmart him. stop nagging, and deploy a strategy... pull your braintrust together and outsmart him. but you get no pity from Bellini. And neither do you Mr. President. Bipartisanship will not save the day, hence healthcare reform would not have taken this long. So, if you can get it cool, but if not we expect you to get the job done. You're good for going solo, but Bellini would prefer you light the fire under the a$$es of your Cabinet too. I need to see them flex on issues ala Nancy Pelosi. You will be forever indebted to Madame Speaker for cultivating the votes.

GOP, you're bettin' on your disenchanted group bringin' home the bacon in November. But November is a long way from here and you're forgetting about a contingent you need to bring the votes - INDEPENDENTS comme moi. And you're consistent track record of abstaining from votes and lack of engagement on issues is not governance... so that's just something to think about McConnell and Boehner... as you pursue your strategy.

and Netanyahu and company, you really chose an intersting time to flex. be careful 'cuz I wouldn't want to be on the bad side of Secretary Clinton or Mr. President. They will outsmart your a$$ and I don't think you want the wrath of Hillary. the Brits already fired a top level diplomat for fcuking with your shenanigans. hmmm... it will be interesting to see where the Middle East goes from here.

and who would have thought of the day, where the dollar may began to make headway against the Euro. Thank you Greece and Portual too!!! Just the thought of you renegging on your financial obligations, has Europe in a tizzy. Don't take it personal Greece, but Germnay don't like you. The US isn't putting on its dancing shoes either, 'cuz we thought the weak value of the dollar would augment our export sector... but if the dollar and the Euro become neck and neck, we can nix that idea...

well let's see what spring has in store for us...



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