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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

reality radio

if you have no clue what i'm referring too - it may be a good thing (but don't worry, Beelini will get you up to speed); but if you do - then i know that you know there's a 99% chance you have listened to a RADIO One commercial with a corresponding jingle and CEO, Cathy Hughes reminding you that "This is reality radio... what's your reality!"

i loves it. ev'ry da## piece of it...
i reckon i might be the minority of her, 'cuz over at the 5 spot, i know for sure Rummy detests the infomercials (tee hee, tee hee)

HR Bill 848 - Performance Rights Act

in a tenuous economy, a faction within the music world (artists & record companies) would like to get their cut from radio (AM & FM stations) be'cuz they supposedly already get their cut from satellite radio and the internet). radio only owes the songwriter a cut. interestingly enough, there is a faction in the music world that is opposed to this measure besides Cathy Hughes. this group consists of songwriters. songrwriters are afraid that this measure will undermine their cut. and ya thought Cathy was leading the crusade by herself however, add'l language has been inserted in the bill to assuge the concerns of songwriters by stating their cut won't be diminished or adversely affected. so you say

back to Cathy
so Cathy is straight clowning folks (Representatives: John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Hank Johnson, Bobby Scott, Mel Watts, etc.). and i think this is hilarious. Radio One is Cathy's playground, she calls the shots. given she has urban radio on lockdown, you may choose to turn the dial or turn it off, but she's lurking on another sista station near you. i know some folks are feelin' it - ok a lot of ya ain't feelin' it, but you'll get over it. if your enterprise was takin' a beating and you cultivated it from the roota to the toota, i betta see you out there swingin' and that's what Cathy is doing... but Cathy you ain't got no problems as of yet...

if HR 848 is anything like the healthcare bill, the reality is your reality won't change so much




Rum Punch said...

HAHAHA! You know I hate me some 'Reality Radio'. And you true, you can't run from it. And why's that? Cause Cathy hughes is Black radio! So while I get it - protect ya neck - like at the same time I'm confused at her end goal. Sure she can continue to call out these politicians, but I don't think she's getting sympathy from her listeners so a movement can be built. I for one just roll my eyes and change the station. If she thinks I'm fina call a Congressman on her behalf, she done lost her mind. Not when I'm tryna make a dollar out of 15 cents - a dime and a nickel. But fight the good fight, Ms. Hughes.

Anonymous said...

So I wonder if Cathy Hughes will do segment about her program directors taking 'payola' to play records on her station. I'd rather hear about that than her crying about HR 848.