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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Setup a Meeting to Discuss

There is nothing that can be taught in the halls of academia that can prepare a person for the wonderful world of working. Could someone please tell me why I did not eat lunch today until 4:30? And I got to work around 8:30! In a word "meetings". Back to back ones at that. I told ya'll before how we like to get down in the good ole government. And that is the problem!

I mean I like to socialize as much as the next person, but more often than not I can do without these caring and sharing sessions around oak tables in windowless conference rooms. Let lighting strike me tonight, if my manager did not spend 30 minutes talking about his trip to see the groundhog see his shadow. Why? Because the resident brown noser felt that our budget pitfalls was the perfect segue! Huh? Now I won't lie to ya'll I enjoyed the diversion and I learned that groundhog day is big business to some... but I could have spent that time surfing the internet, or just mindless starting at my cubicle wall!

But as my boss circles the table asking for everyone's two cents-but not really caring about our opinion because the next course of action was decided before we all got together-and really we are just participating in a formality...

Everyone is either dreaming about being here....

Or wishing they were this guy!


If only meetings involved more 80s hair....I think I wouldn't mind giving up my web surfing time...and maybe I could eat lunch at a decent hour!

See You In Seven

1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

LMAO! Not the video! you silly. This is funny because the other day I was thinking, "remember as a child when adults used to say they had a meeting and it sounded like fun." Like meeting?!?! What's that? Oh if only we knew.