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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

preface with disclaimer

back in the college days whenever i shared some stories about black folks who happen to be Greek, yet omitted that fact - it drove Rummy crazzzyyyy!!! LOL

she felt i denied her of wearing her rose-colored glasses so that the story would have the necessary hue... remember this tidbit as i proceed to tell you about a lunch encounter with some coworkers.

so yesterday, two co-workers decided to have lunch together. we discussed signs and their significance, the role of sexual attraction, distinguished between friends and friends with benefits, etc... now one of my co-workers, *Akemi shares that a guy she views as her lil' brother is dating an older woman. here are a quick few stats...

youngin' is 22
cougar is 31

youngin' definitely cares about cougar
cougar likes a boytoy

cougar wants kids
youngin' is not ready for kids right now

do you all need more stats?

so, i ask Akemi, "how is this gonna work for the long-term?"
'cuz she probably has career stability and fatter 401K than he
and as my stylist just mentioned last week you don't want to be wrinklin' and envy his super fineness!

as i continued to devise additional scenarios that could plague this union...
Akemi mentions by the way she's white


"girl, why you didn't you tell Bellini this in the beginning?"

so, my other co-worker, DC All-Star states white women are submissive and yet Bellini's face expressed reservation about the comment. Akemi picked up my sentiments and said, "No-they're more accomodating."

Yup, Bellini could live with that. All that other shit I listed that could be potential problems are neither here nor there; this relationship odds are slightly better now.

initially, when Akemi was sharing the story, i know too many sistas that would never compromise to make a relationship of those dynamics work. and really, i think the baby issue will be a thorn to both backsides.

and what happens if cougar becomes pregnant and decides to keep "her" baby and ensure the baby is accustomed to a lifestyle she can definitely afford and the father is not. and he becomes resentful because cougar was aware of his situation... so many potential headaches...

was the disclaimer really needed or is Bellini buggin'

things that make you go hmmmm....




Mudslide said...

I would not consider the woman to be a cougar because of a 9yr age difference. When you start getting into 12+ years, then a cougar, sabertooth tiger or whatever other animal title you want to give them may fit. Just my 2 cents (kinda alot in this economy)

But as far as the situation. I dont think race has much to do with it either. Although, the initial "submissiveness" comment is not too far off. Bottom line: they both arent even on the same page to being with. One wants kids, one doesnt. One cares, the other wants a plaything. Age and race are the least of their worries. If they dont/cant see eye to eye on their goals, this relationship is bound to fail or not be any more than lust and adventure. And we know how long that lasts.

Courvoisier said...

Hey there mudslide!
I was just about to say the same thing... when did 31 become cougar?

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