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Thursday, April 22, 2010

why can't sherri find a man?

by now you've all probably seen that excuse for real dialouge: nightline face off -- why successful black women can't find a man?

so what did you think?  really i wanna know.  i could write a post discussing the ridculousness of it all but i'd rather read your comments.

i do have a few takeaways:

1.  sherri shepherd is evil, EVIL!!! (in Marcus' voice from Why Did I Get Married?).  she is bitter and angry and should never ever ever ever (ever ever) speak for single black women again.

2. why can't a discussion about black women and getting married include black psychologists, sociologists, writers, thinkers, happily married only 1 or even 2 times (i'm lookin at you Steve), non-dysfunctional folk?  the people on the panel had no credibility in my opinion, no knowledge base to tell any single person about getting and staying married.  vsb p said it best:
 Having suspect ass “dating experts” tell suspect ass single women why they can’t get a man
Steve Harvey, Hill Harper, and Jimi Izreal? Really? Sherri “my hips are too gone to box with God” and Jacque “How’d I End Up On this Panel” Reed? Overmarried, undermarried and overmarried?  Oversingle and Ovaries on fire? Really Nightline? You gonna tell Black women they can’t find a man by having a bad comic, a gay dude, and a dude who’s shirt hates women chop it up with two women who can’t find a man for good reasons? That right there, ninja? That sh*t right there?
Is just disrespectful.
3. i hate when people say things to sound deep but just end up repeating some cliche or "reframing the question/issue/topic," making you scratch your head like huh?   for example: helena andrews prolific soundbite: blah blah blah the question shouldn't be why can't successful black women find a man, it should be can we find each other?  ahhhh yessss.  that's it.  the bitch is the new black has solved our relationship problems.  we asking the wrong questions.

what say ya'll?


Courvoisier said...

I am don't even understand why we keep pushing this out there in the media when there are so MANY other important issues going on that we should be concerned about. What happened to teaching our little girls to love and espect their bodies? I don't mind talking about that all day. Or teaching our fatherless little boys how to be men?

Rum Punch said...

LMAO @ #3!! Hahahaha. Yeah I know she prolly talked longer, but what she did say had me scratching my head, like errrr? And of course they're (folks on the "panel") are gonna keep talkin bout it cause they have books to sell. And todays media is lazy. This is clearly PR driven. Nightline, cnn, nem don't give a damn bout single Black women.