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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweetheart, all you got to tell me...

I will never understand why all these hoes are coming out... are they really getting paid that much? Do they not understand that out the gate, they are at the disadvantage? For odd reason we rather believe the man before we believe the woman. Then when she presents the evidence, people start believing. Let's not forget the infamous dress. But what happens when she can't present the proof? It goes right back to believing the man.

Case and Point: Not that I really cared about Kat, but Nelly just put you on blast!? How in 5 minutes could you not drop just a little bit of fact. That is how you build anticipation for your book. Put Nelly in his place... BUT you couldn't. (sigh) Now what?

I am glad he said something, even if he could have possibly been lying and it was funny... check it out.

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