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Monday, May 10, 2010

Can we get a book about that?

There has been a lot of talk lately about single women and how are standards may be too high.... so I decided to conduct a little experiment. I have nothing to loose. I was raised to believe that man is supposed to be able to provide and protect. Or as my friend would say, "She is looking for a man who is financially and emotionally secure and mature." I hear that! But as of late, I feel as if the response for wanting these quality means that our standards are too high. So let's just say I put those standards aside, which I did for the past few months. Give me a second while I explain what I got.

1. The ex-husband with a younger girlfriend who wants to know if we could take me out. Meets me on the train in the morning and decides he wants to ride the same train with me in the evening. After a 1 hour waiting on me to finish work and a 1.5 hour train ride, he realizes I am not laying with his old behind, he has yet to call me back. Now if I had gone with my gut reaction there wouldn't have been no riding home together. But no harm, no foul... I had a good time chatting and laughing on the way home that Friday night.

2. Young boy stops me on my way into the office, tells me he wants to take me out on the town but can't pick up the phone to call. Instead he text and asks if I live by myself and if he could come over. URGH! I told him that was inappropriate and I was not interested in being his whore. I have enough D1cks to choose from, thank you. And you wonder why I treat you like just another dude!

3. Lastly, a 36 year old who is unsure about almost everything in his life. (sigh) Too exhausted to type the rest but he is the only sign of potential.

Don't get me wrong, the time spent entertaining all three of these men was delightful but nothing I am willing to invest in. So much energy is spent on women bettering themselves to find a good man. When am I going to hear a brother say I am trying to get my ish together so I can attract a certain caliber of woman. Or is there no need to because there are more women than men in the world?

Can we get a book about that? (sigh)

Much luv until next week peace :)

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