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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Using My Lazy Card...Again!

Don't you hate it when you are bored at work, school or at life in general and you go to a blog 'specting to laugh or at least be mildly amused and all they have posted is a stupid video? Like how freaking lazy can they be?!

It's like going to a Jay-Z concert and his hype man is cuing up the iPod to play Blueprint while Jay-Z sits on stage sipping Fuji Water!And you paid 85 bucks for this? (which will probably be the case in about 15 more years)

It's like going to a resturant and the waiter pulls up a chair and sits down to take your order and then wants to stay awhile and chat about our past lives! (true story, it happened to me and my home girl a few years ago).

It's like yo momma standing in the kitchen while you are upstairs trying to find a cure for cancer through google searches and she asks you to get her a drink of water! Huh?! Why she can't do it, if she's already in the kitchen?!

And I am that freakin' lazy today ya'll. With today being the first day back at work after nearly a week, family in town for little cousin's graduation tomorrow and choir rehearsal at the church house going longer because which our fabulous minister of music flinging his wrists around (aka directing) people weren't sure when they should sing. My brain doesn't have anymore to give ya'll than Usher's OMG!

Sorry ya'll, but I secretly-well not so secretly now-and with guilt love this song!

See You In Seven

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