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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


It was 1992, when the first Clinton’s campaign was resuscitated by New Hampshire’s primary and the Granite State gave his wife the same fate last night. Ahhh. . . but when that black guy Barack made a breakthrough; you guys didn’t have a clue. (You guys were thrown a curve ball last week – good ‘cuz you needed one. Let’s get one thing straight, I am conspiracy theorist #1; so if I hadn’t drawn those conclusions – you shouldn’t either [smiles, dark n’ stormy]). But the game’s not over, it’s only gotten more interesting. Pundits want to hide under a rock be’cuz they’ve been wrong every turn, the “inside beltway” crew defined as media living inside the Capital Beltway are all wrong. Wrong about Iowa, wrong in New Hampshire – good lesson for folks. √ for race

What’s next. . .

South Carolina

Half of the population is black, now South Carolinians vote for the candidate who you really like. I mean it. Ain’t nothing better than the mainstream squirming in their seat ‘cuz they can’t call the outcome of South Carolina’s primary. Let’s make folks sweat. Another curveball is nice, we should be expecting the unexpected in ’08. For those of you that could not fathom the curveball that happened last week, I’ll put things in perspective for you.

Was Bellini surprised that Obama did well in IowaNO; was she surprised Hillary came in for third placehell yea! Although Obama’s campaign appeared to fizzle 3 months ago, at the end of the day money talked. During fundraising time, prior to the primaries, he banked 30 million dollars for the initial reporting quarter. Giving money to folks is not a hollow gesture. If folks were all rhetoric and no action, no one would have given him money – you feel me; Obama earned more than Hillary during that quarter—that should have told you something then.

Now you folks need to find your own voice, your own issues, determine your priorities, be proactive and check candidate’s website and stop waiting to be forcefed shit. The exercise called voting is cerebral intensive it requires research, deliberation, conversation. Stop being lazy!!!

I can’t stress it enough, 2008 is the year to expect the unexpected. For my Republicans, I won’t leave you in the dust. I’ll provide you some analysis too. All types of things are happening with your candidates. In the past, Americans have been in a trance, and now folks are waking up – metaphorically speaking at least I hope. It’s anybody’s race for the taking on the GOP side. McCain might get some legs, just to lose them again in South Carolina? Huckabee is that irritating thorn to Romney, Guiliani’s backside – can’t seem to get rid of him. All those bible-toting folks just love that boy. Ahhh. . . I promise to break it down on the GOP side. . . I can’t get enough. . . stay tuned

P.S. on a funny note
She was crying and stuff. . . Hillary you can’t cry when someone hurts your feelings – it’s life. You put a shell on for so long and it turned so many off (me included). I want to think its genuine, but I’m not convinced. You were lucky. White woman felt one of their own being attacked and they struck back with the ballot. √ for gender


South Carolina what are you going to do?




Rum Punch said...

My sources tell me, Bracky O's people told Oprah to stop tapin her show, clear her schedule and get on down to South Carolina! LOL! We shall see what happens in the next few weeks, we shall see...

Dark & Stormy said...

Perfect post title.

The minute I saw the [almost] tears, I thought to myself "New Hampshire just went in her pocket." Classic white woman move. I've even seen it happen in the workplace- always works like a charm. Let my black a** even look weak or feeble for a hot sec... total opposite reaction. Folks will start questioning my ability to do the job and handle real life sitchyations. HMPH! Time to roll up the sleeves for real cause it's on & poppin!

mjr-banx said...

Really Rum Punch that is CRAZY!

On that funny note Bellini...I don't follow politrics like that but have we seen any male candidates crying?

I am not sure I believe her break-down was 100% genuine either…she does not seem like the crying type at all…I am surprised she made tears. I liked that she is a tough cookie. We can’t have the woman candidate crying because someone hurt her feelings...yet I feel like that is what some Americans want.

Bellini said...

@Rum Punch -- I'm not surprised, "O" take that personal jet and get to Charleston ASAP! I still believe Michelle is the secret weapon plus with "O" in the mix work ya'll magic on the mamas, sistas, aunties, etc.

@mjr-banx: I hate to bring up Monica, but did she shed a tear then? 'Cuz anytime in life that I would have respected a tear drop would have been then -- I know we all deal with pain differently, but a tear fallen then would have have been universal

mint julep said...

i think it was genuine in the sense that she probably is really tired and the idea that she might not get the nomination after the hopes and dreams of the democractic party establishment have been pinned on her and she's done everything just so (1st lady, senator) finally caught up to her....dare i say white privilege and entitlement rearing it's head.

you know under they breaths they looking at obama like "nigga, please, we didn't authorize you to suceed. and that's ONE of many reason's why I won't get behind hillary.

i try hard not to let these whiteys beat me down here at work and i feel this (blks feelings on obama) is a psychological (or pathological) beatdown that the whiteys are putting on us without even having to lift a finger. not to say that every black person ought to run up behind obama, holding hands singing we are the world. but damn can he live (c) bellini. disappointment be damned. as with everything else in life i'd rather take the risk than sit on the sidelines.

Bellini said...

@mint julep: heartfelt comment; but that's the point exactly -- can a brotha just be, the crabs in the barrel syndrome has been rearing its head (i hear it on urban radio, op-eds, etc.). It's tired, folks have felt like a black president in their lifetime was unfathomable -- although we've ran none had Obama's stock. Now we got somebody, and it's an issue: damned if you do, damned if you don't!

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Throughout this whole process, I think Hillary and her people didn't respect Obama and his campaign. Not even the fundraising made her flinch till she got her ass whooped in Iowa. After that pimp slappin', she resorted to wackness. Emotional my ass and then tried to play it up during her speech. I was never a Hillary hater. Never had any beef with Bill. But with her breakdown and Bill twisting words, all I started thinking was that this was another form of bullshit that we face everyday but only on a national stage. It's going to be a long primary season. I hope OB and Edwards are ready.

The Breaking Point said...

I think Clinton is going to regret getting emotional in New Hampshire. That's what "saved" her there, but what's she going to do moving forward?

Bellini said...

@breaking point: in a Clintonian world there are no regrets -- as long as you win there are none. Hillary is going to do all she can to win, this is just beginning of Clintonianesque tactics.

FunkyBlackChick said...

..and the Oscar goes to Hillary!

christy said...

Abut those crocodile tears...I was thinking, hell, she didn't cry when her whore of a husband publicly embarassed her during the Lewinski scandal, but she cries now? She lost my respect back then. If I had seen tears of anger,or of joy b/c she booted his ass to the curb, or something, back then, I would have felt she had a back bone. Simply put--she couldn't keep her own house in order, so now I'm supposed to believe she can keep the White House in order? What self-respecting woman would have put up with that bs? Let's keep in mind, she's a card carrying member of bra-burning, N.O.W., Steinem worshipping, sixities feminist movement. Can you say contradiction, boys & girls?