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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brotherman, where art thou?


Definition – a brotha with a hustle … to get something from somebody … aka a beggar; given that he doesn’t know you it doesn’t matter…he has his eyes on the prize…and this weekend it was me!


So, I found myself in the Keystone state and no sooner than 5 minutes after I parked my car – Brotherman was standing a few feet away, motioning me to lower my window. Just so you know I was not in familiar territory as James Carville (political strategist) has said “… there’s Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburg in the west, and Alabama in the middle” – yup that sums it up. So, I warily look at Brotherman. I can’t stare, be’cuz staring is a sign of disrespect. He was no taller than 5’ 9 ½, missing a tooth (and I’m dead serious), clothes looked like Tide© at one time had mustered the strength to bring the vibrancy back to colors of the polo – but those days had long been gone… So, Brotherman tells me I shouldn’t park in my current spot, rather I should park on the otherside of the median. Moreover, he questions my whereabouts / destination in a lackadaisical, non-threatening way to evaluate the merits of his recommendation for me to move my car.

After careful deliberation, Brotherman gave me the spiel…and it goes a lil’ something like this… “You know I’m trying to get out of town, but I’m $16 dollars short. Do you think you can help a brotha out?”


For one, Bellini does not think a man should ask a woman for money.
Two, I don’t know you.
Three, most of the 5 can co-sign this I DON’T CARRY CASH.
Yet, Bellini decides to retrieve dollar from her automobile – you gets no more than a George Washington --and give to Brotherman so he can be out of sight and out of mind.

By the time, I pulled my key out of the ignition, scurried my belongings to my destination – Brotherman had vanished. I assume to prey on the next victim.
Why? Why me? I mean I’m nice, but not that damn nice.
And men, before you give your opinion about I shouldn’t have given his ass shit – please understand as a woman it is very unnerving for a man to come up to you (whom you don’t know of course) and just start talking and/or ask for shit. We have too many people out here with issues (i.e. psycho) that are just waiting for an opportunity to snap on somebody – and frankly I don’t want it to be me. So, I stick to my script (reticient in my speech) and remain pleasant until I take refuge in a safe place.

But do you know, when I left my destination and returned later – Brotherman was still in the vicinity like he never left and had the nerve to have a sidekick is this Tag Team? As Brotherman closed in on my vehicle and I emerged out of the automobile, he says “Ahh.. I seen you earlier.” Yes, and you will not be seeing me again” (of course I said this in my mind). I nodded and continued in the direction I was headed and so slightly accelerated my pace to get to my final destination. The nerve. But I’m back safe and sound.



P.S. There's a Brotherman in every city waiting for you...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ironic - i just wrote a post last week calld im a hustla - not

chocolate_matters said...

Yes they are in every city, when I was in Baltimore I seen cats on the sidewalk doing some hand gesture thing that would get them a free ride for anyone who was willing to stop.

These days I could be walking or just sitting outside my house and some dude comes up and asks for $.50. What? First I don't carry $.50 around like that. Second, what can you do in this world today for $.50? Truly sad.
I can see why you did what you did, out of safety but just be careful because giving him what he wants may make you an easy target.

Bellini said...

@torrance: leave a link so i can read your tale.
@ choclate: B-more, 'nuff said. You're makingme reminisce about my days @ at John Hopkins between there and Lexington Market, Brotherman was always in the vicinity.

Anonymous said...

K.I.M. said...

I too engage in conversation a minute too long with bumbs. But I keep waiting until the day that I have the Kahonas to say,

"Dude, I'll give you a buck, if you pay my mortgage."

Point being, I work hard for my money so that I can pay my bills. I wish I could just go around asking for folks to cover me.

Dirty Red said...

Good post Ma.

It depends on what mood I am in on whether or not I give beggars anything. But I have no problems with telling a mother(shut yo mouth)to get out of my face. But sometimes I do give a dollar here 2 dollars there, because you never really know what a person is going though. Besides everything I give out usually comes back double, so it just depends on my mood at the time.