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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm So Over It

Is it November yet?

My zeal and excitement of counting down the days of Baby Bush’s tyrannical reign is waning under vacant messages of hope, change and tears flowing on cue. Argh! I guess because I don’t feel like anyone is representing the issues of a 20-something black female, somewhat addicted to retail, trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (a dime and a nickel), I’m not feeling this election thing right now.

But seriously, I want to know if HillBilly is operating on the platform that it isn’t a lie if they believe it? I mean how in da heezy is Hills going to claim that she went to Bosnia, with her curly headed child, and was greeted under a
hail of gunshots? Has Hills forgotten about the miracle that is television and its bastard child of everlasting videotape? Hmmmm. Maybe she’s thinking it’s 1808, back when a politrickian could deceive the masses and no one could raise their hand to object…you know the good ole days, when evidence was hard to come by. And when folks called her on the BS all she could say is “My Bad” and shrug her shoulders! Pimpin’! But still, WTF?! You want me to make you my President? Hills you can never look at Bracky O sideways again. Ever!

But the Clintons fight to da death. Do ya’ll remember
Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV? Oh that show was terrible. Hated it! Besides I truly believe the Playdoh was meant only for eating by five year olds, not sculpting things. But sadly, that show is where my mind wanders to when Bracky and Hills start go at each other, somebody spewing blood in this corner, someone wishin’, and hopin’, and prayin’ in the other.

And speaking of death... This past weekend my aunt showed the family an email about what happens when you are a friend of the Clintons and you want to call them on their shit.
47 people dead. Wow. I’m just wishing I knew 47 people. There were of course varying causes of death, but most folks had gunshot wounds to the back of their heads. Now initially we were like, naw this ain’t true. But my aunt is a police officer and was able to look up the particulars on one of the cases that occurred in her jurisdiction. The death was ruled a suicide, but the media didn’t get the memo from the police report that someone heard several gunshots before the man jumped to his death. Sure my aunt could be lying for giggles sake...but I don't think she was.

All I can say is Pobrecito Guillermo Richardo. Protect your neck! His
endorsement clearly has ruined his friendship with HillBilly, no more Superbowl parties! 47 people prove to me that the Clintons ain’t playin!

But alas, whatever will become of this election thing will be. It’s just hard for me to believe things will be so much more different with Grampa, Hills or Bracky running things…at least on my everyday working, is there still a middle-class and am I part of it, level. I do know that for right now, I just want this all to be over…

Sorry, had to groove to Miss Keyshia for a minute.

See You In Seven


mint julep said...

ok i'm giving a serious raised eyebrow to this list. very interesting indeed.

MJR-BANX said...

Not surprised by the list...politricks is not a game.

P.S. Why is the video hitting home? Yes, I just want IT to be over! And by IT you know what I mean.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

I was getting too wrapped up in that stuff so I had to give it a break.

That list is crazy interesting though....

Bellini said...

Folks, join the club -- conspiracy theory,no doubt!

chocolate_matters said...

all I have to say is remember Ron Brown. Nuff said

Oh and yeah, this race is getting way to heated now. Glad I am an independent. Nobody cares what I think or do they?

Dirty Red said...

My wife emailed me this list. 47 people! Ain't that about nothing? That is some real serial killer type shit. I have never liked Sweet Dick or his signicicant other. We are in trouble if that crazy $%^&*# gets elected.