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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Politics of Love

With the advent of ad nauseam coverage of the precarious political state of New York and Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer's public indiscretion, I ask "where's the love?"

It appers that the Governor's indiscretion will pose some ethical challenges at least these are the claims being asserted by the New York Republicans. throwback to the Clinton era... Media speculation has it that Governor Spitzer will resign . So, I overheard radio chatter on Love, Lust, and Lies yesterday -- soliciting children feedback as to whether a parent victim to infidelity should dissolve the marriage. Michael Baisden, the program's host sought public opinion from his audience considering all the hoopla around Governor Spitzer's situation. It seemed Baisden asserted, since children tend to be aware of marital dealings in the household they should be in the mix. Apparently, many children professed their opinion that if one parent cheated on the other -- they would recommend the parent victimized by infidelity to end the relationship. I didn't tune into the program for long, but it was my impression that Baisden was a little perturbed about the children's suggestion to dissolve the marriage. It appears Baisden expected the children to convince the parents to fight for the marriage.

As I've gotten older and wiser (i hope) and have met men and women from all walks of life -- I realize my understanding of what a marriage is and isn't is nebulous. There are some folks who truly marry for love -- cuz they're in love and have love for their spouse. There are some folks who are in love with the idea of marriage and less so with their spouse. There are some folks that marry because family/society dictates when you do grown up things -- you're supposed to be married. There are some folks whom come from a family/cultural tradition of arranged marriages. And yet, there are some folks that marry for the benefits that will accrue after marriage.
ding ding -- hit the jackpot. . . the politics of love

Now I am not going to speculate on the Spitzer situation, but there are many marriages out there that are able to function despite gross public speculation. So, proof of rampant affairs can continue to plague the marriage, reminders of the infidelity may exist in abundancy, the other "wo/men" may dwell at your residence or other communal properties. And all this means nothing, if you married for other reasons.

You should know things seen afar become distorted up close.



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