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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

man, music, and the madness

Is it rational to separate a man from his art or are the two inseperable?

At times I find myself thinking about musical talents the world has come to known... and their issues. The two men that come to mind are R. Kelly and Ike Turner. Without dissecting each artists' career, i think it's fair enough to say both men have/had issues with the impact of undermining their careers.

Now as your renaissance women, I'm always fascinated by how foreigners perceive Americans and their culture. During the time of reflection post-Ike Turner's death, I recall a British musician lamenting over the fact that Americans have dissed a rock'n' roll icon due to his personal indiscretions...interesting, right?

And then I got to thinking, if the movie "What's Love Got to Do With It" never debuted would the general consensus on Ike be different? I don't know...which now brings me to the Pied Piper...

I've had a slight indifference about the R for some years now and for the record -- I've never bought his music and I'm not sure if I ever will partially because I don't have much tolerance for people with issues that act like they're devoid of any a pet peeve of mine. With the recent verdict of not guilty bestowed on the R by a jury of his peers, I have to wonder where his career goes from here. Perhaps it changes nothing? What say you?




Anonymous said...

I say it changes not a damn thing!... Sad but true, this man was on tour while his trial and case was still open...he just released a new album....whoever said we judge an artist on their indiscretions doesnt know what they are talking about....when people are in the spotlight they have the most loyal fans no matter what they do... I mean the man had a tape for chrissakes...didnt change not one thing in his record sells.....I mean I will admit that he has some decent songs that he has done in the past but I have lost so much faith in the legal system due to this verdict


Bellini said...

a not guilty verdict is incredulous to me-- and i recall a juror stating that the fact that the alleged victim did not testify was the reasoning behind the verdict...that's the crazy thing about our legal system-- it's all about beyond a reasonable doubt and if the defense places that wedge in a juror's mind it's a wrap, thus the verdict we have...and i just knew the Pied Piper was going to do some time

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

not until we tkae a stand
then it wont change