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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spineless Steele

I voted for him.
I gave his ass a chance.
Felt like he had a bright future, albeit Republican and all.

But now, I know for sure my ass has been duped! How can a man well over 6 feet 2 inches have no spine at all. His name is truly a misnomer, because Michael Steele ain’t built that tough.

I am still trying to understand why within 24 hours of callin’ “a spade a spade”, Steele reneged and retracted his statement by apologizing to Rush Limbaugh. Steele, I thought you ran the RNC? You claimed the GOP had to widen its tent and become more inclusive rather than exclusive.

During your Maryland senate race, you vowed to make sure minorities got a slice of the economic pie. I was sold! I tend not to be a single-issue voter, but I was for that race. The cacophony of chatter on other state issues didn't matter at that point. You recently told US News & World Report your plans, "to extend the party's outreach to African-Americans and Hispanics and their media outlets on a permanent basis, not just at election time. He wants to better explain the GOP's conservative philosophy of optimism, opportunity, and economic growth to minority voters and "make folks understand that we'll walk that walk with them."
Well, why walk backwards, let alone walk at all?

Steele you’re supposed to represent change, even the GOP had to concede the fact that a much needed makeover of the party was in order. You’re supposed to be delivering the change, you’re supposed to be the engineer behind the party’s evolution. You know how many folks I received flack from, for voting for you… I kept tellin’ them we got to give the brotha a chance. We have got to have folks on both sides of the table. Lawd, why are you provin’ folks right.