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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Financial Freedom

Last week a newly hired sista, employed with my company for less than  two months, decided our company was just not the right fit for her. She showed up to work that morning as usual and by lunch time she had her bag on her shoulder never to return. Well, I was flabbergasted. In these days of recession, who just walks out? 

That got me to thinking. Although I believe I am mentally and financially able to handle loosing my job tomorrow, I am still not signing up for a pink slip with my name on it. Who knows when these times are going to turn around? You must be pretty dang okay or insane, to just walk away.

So I ask myself, mother of none, sista living on my own... what would be my price? What would be my limit? How much would I be willing to tolerate to keep my job? A pass on a well deserved promotion? Unequal division of workload? Sexual harassment? Who knows? Many have sucked up a lot worst to put food on the table but me, I don't know. Maybe, I haven't pushed to my limit yet. I have wanted to quit so bad that I have taken a mental health day and planned my exit strategy, which by the way has never been to come in and walk out for good.

This chick, has really got me thinking. Recession or no recession. 

A friend of mine, always says "Don't get attached to your job/employer, your employer/job are not attached to you. Remember that!" 
I guess she has a point, but if I had to pick a hero of the week... this sista who I didn't even have time to have lunch with, is my pick this week. Granted I don't know her financial situation and I am not even sure what was so terrible that made her walk-out mid-day without notice, but I do admire her gumption to walk-out.

Until the day comes that I possess such courage, shout-out to the sista, I wish you all the best... much luv, peace :)

P.S. I am SO happy that Maxwell is back and I am loving the new look and single. Smooches Max! =D


Courvoisier said...

I know I passed up on the opportunity to see Max but keep your ears open because I am trying hear this live... love the brass!

Rum Punch said...

LOL! Ok. I'm sure cheap tickets are still available for Saturday night! I can check on that if you want...