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Thursday, May 7, 2009

hi hater!

for the last few weeks now, my happiness on the job has been the topic of hot debate. it's kinda strange since i really really really love what i do now. even if i had thought of leaving my current employer i really really love my new city. after all the twists and turns it took to get here, i'm stayin local for at least 3 years.

so when my supervisors kept tellin' me that they heard i was unhappy, i was kinda surprised. at first they kept hemming and hawwing about who said what to whom about me. but finally after some digging i found the rat.

apparently, the rat told one of my bosses that i had an offer to go back to my old job and was seriously considering it. now how did the rat know this? the rat claimed that he got this information from one of my work homies over drinks one night. when my boss told me all this, i was livid! well as livid as a pisces can be.

for one, there was/is no such offer.
b) i have neva eva eva said something like this out my mouth
and most importantly, my work homie would never say something like this (truth or lie) to the rat because he thinks the rat is a punk a** biyatch.

there remains only one conclusion, the rat been lyin on a sista! mississippi gotdamn!

what's a girl to do? confront the rat or just let it go, knowing that the rat is a hatin' a** hater?

what say ya'll?


Amaretto said...

This is stupid! Everyone is wrong in this story except you!

I don't think you should confront the rat. Mainly because you don't know what the story really is. Are your bosses telling the truth? We don't really know. Maybe they caught you one day not smiling and assumed the worst. Maybe they asked said rat about you...and let their imaginations run from there.

You know you are happy, keep working your plan, learning all you can. And let the haters drank their ade. Tis my 2 cents

Bellini said...

OMG minty--i'm off to a meeting; but here's my two cents: confront the rat and tell 'em with all tact that ur business is yours & stay the FCUK out of it! You're a grown ass woman, that doesn't need no one articulating your thoughts nor needs. Hmmmph... now i'm about to have an attitude going to the meeting! nip shit in the bud sista.

Anonymous said...

SMH people be lunchin everywhere I see, but you know what girl folks reap what they sow...I wouldn't even get confrontational, I'd let my boss know the truth of matter and keep it moving. I'd also let it be known that I can speak for myself on issues that concern me and don't do third parties.

Rum Punch said...

Oh dear! Work drama is neva, eva, fun. So, keep the faith and fight the power! Having said that, I'm torn. I agree w/ Amaretto that you don't exactly know how everything went down. But I also think Bellini has a point that you have to let people know, "don't come for me bytch!"* Maybe there's a happy medium of putting it out in the atmosphere that you snitches get stitches. And also letting your bosses or the HR department know that you can speak for yourself.

*I learned that saying from my gay friend.

Anonymous said...

Send him/her Lyfe Jennings' new track "Hi Hater"!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I use "don't come for me" as well LOL...have alot of chillens as friends and cool associates LOL

Anonymous said...

Hit 'em with the 1-2 punch ms. julep!

Punch 1: Tell your boss that the grapevine doesn't exist without a sounding board and s/he needs to close their damn ears when it comes to personnel & HR issues. And I would ask said boss if they think you're so unhappy, then how about proposing a solution aka some dollars/benjamins/scrilla.

Also remind them that if you can graduate from law school and pass the bar, then chances are you can speak for yourself.

Punch 2: Tell the rat to shut the hell up or else. Basically what bellini said. Make sure you tell them in person... S/he's already a snitch. No need to create a paper trail.

mint julep said...

thanks for all the comments!
as an update: i went with last anon's 1-2 punch. i went to my boss and told him that the rat was a g'damn lie and that i just wanted bossman to know that i knew the rat was a lie. then i went to the rat and told him not to ever talk to my supervisors about me without coming to talk to me first. and not to be spreadin' no gossip. please and thank you!