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Thursday, June 18, 2009

daddy dearest

fathers don't always get the same love that mothers do. but as father's day approaches i've been thinking on fathers and the fathers in my live.

the stepfather: after i wrote this to my stepfather, many of you suggested that i send a copy to him. i did and he really enjoyed it. i know i'm growing when i can freely share with those i love that i love them. happy father's day, william james!

the biological father: a few days ago, i was looking for a card for my stepfather, picking through the selection trying to find just the right words to convey how much he means to me. once i'd settled on the perfect card, i thought about my real father, whom i think of less as a father but more as the "dear old man who i am fond of." i picked out a simpler card for him, realizing this might be the first father's day card i'd ever gotten him. and more importantly, i might be the only one of his 6 children who would send him one this year. when he calls me for his bi-weekly check-ins, he likes to remind me that i'm the only one who regularly answers when he calls, the only one he can get a hold of. despite what he hasn't been to me in the past, i'm glad i can be the lifeline for him now.

the client father: remember this guy? i almost cried as he expressed his love for his daughters in a crowded courtroom. in the days after he was sentenced, i checked the computer system regularly to see whether he had made it out. i was saddened when an immigration hold popped up on him. but just last week as i was walking over to courthouse, i looked up and saw him walking down the sidewalk toward me. for a second i scrambled to recall his name and case. and then as he smiled it clicked. "you got out!?!" i exclaimed. all is well with him and hopefully he will spend father's day with his daughters.

happy father's day!

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