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Monday, June 15, 2009

What do you say, Courvoisier? (Part 3)

Yo Courvoisier,

What would you call a ho?

Better yet would be considered ho-like activities?

Hmm... those are very good questions. Since I was little, my BFF and I have been trying to nail down one solid detailed definition that would last through out the years. One that we could apply to ourselves or any other female we see acting out of sorts. And let me start by saying that as the years went by our definitions got more and more specific, as we got other. Shall I elaborate?

Chilling in the garden and my dad says “Could you pass me the hoe, please?” That was the first time I heard the word hoe and for the longest time that is what I knew it to mean. It wasn’t until I had a little… ok, big crush on a man who calls himself Snoop Doggy Dog that I realized hoe is a little bit more than a garden tool. (chuckle) And that is when the quest to define for myself what a ho’ really is began. Because say what? I wasn’t trying to be nobody’s silly ho.

So check it, my friends and I weren’t sexually active at the time which meant to us any chick having sex was a ho’. Done deal, no questions asked, she is a ho’. This included, giving BJs and french kissing, etc, more than one dude within a 6 month period. It was going to be a year but you know… some so-called boyfriends didn’t make it through the summer. (chuckle) In fact at this point, sex before marriage was a cardinal sin that none of us wanted to mention at penance.

As the years went by this held true as the ultimate definition of a ho’ until someone in the group, not calling any names, gave it up to her boyfriend of 2 years. What you going to do now? Could you really call your best friend a ho’? We tried. Just kidding we didn’t. (chuckle) So here we were, back to the drawing board trying to decide… What is a ho’? Ok, we got it. A ho’ is a chick who has sex with someone who is not her boyfriend of more than a year.

Awww man, we thought we could stop there. Well you know what happened, someone else broke those conditions and we had to get a little more specific. Next it was, a ho’ is someone who has sex with a guy who is not her boyfriend. URGH, that one went out the window pretty fast in college. Then it was a ho’ was a chick who had sex with a guy who wasn’t her boyfriend, may or may not have a girlfriend and had a boyfriend. I really thought this one would last through college but oh no… it didn’t. (chuckle) So what now?

Here’s what we got… a ho’ is a chick who knowingly has sex with a married or involved guy, whether she is in a relationship or not. Okay that is it. We are done, this isn’t going to get no worst than this.

Oops but it does and we are back to the drawing board again. At this point, I bring up ladies, “What has happen to us? Remember when we would never be caught dead, doing such craziness?” But oh yea, there is always that one brother, maybe two that convinces us to do something you know is wrong. Besides some of these scenarios, were so exciting. Could you really call these chicks ho’s when all they were doing was looking for love? (chuckle – chuckle) I am going to go ahead and say yes!  I am not going to say they are ho’s out right but I will say this was serious ho’ing activity. (chuckle) Can you say that without calling her a ho’? (chuckle)

Anyway, the next thing you know we are now calling ho’s, chicks who sleeps with more than one man in the same night or at the same time. Yup, that is it. That is what you call a ho’. Lights on, game over! (chuckle)

Oh wait hold on a minute… I need not tell you what happened next. (chuckle) So am I at a lost of words? Not at all. No more sugar coating, no more making new definitions. To this day and it shall never change, we agreed, “a ho’ is a person (keyword, men can be ho’s too... chuckle) who behaves sexually reckless, with disregard for safety and/or the consequence of their actions.”

I also must say, through all of these revisions of our definition, not once did we say once, a ho’ always a ho’. It is really difficult to label a person with one (or maybe a few acts… chuckle) but by gawd, we sure did acknowledge that up until this last definition all of these violations could be considered ho’ like activity.

And on that note, I leave you with a throw-back...

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Courvoisier said...

This is the longest post I have ever written... what the heck?!?

Rum Punch said...

LOL! LOL! I love that you added an addendum to your own post. Twas good though. I think everyone has in their own mind, their own definition of what a ho is. Although I remember hearin Sista Soldja speak and she was saying something bout these hip hop lyrics. And how we women be like, "he ain't talkin bout me. He talkin bout that ho over there." And therefore we are all hos in someone else's eyes. Tee hee..

Tina said...

wow, so y'all went thru a lot of revisions! i think i can get with the current reckless, irresponsible behavior definition. so now we have ppl who are hoes, but also who engage in ho-ish behavior. so, at what point do ho-ish behaviors result in someone becoming a ho and not merely engaging in ho-ish behavior?

Courvoisier said...

Rum - I didn't realize it until I read it over this morning.

Tina - That is a good question. I am tempted to say if we have this conversation in January and I tell you acting like a ho' and you continue this behavior come June, I am just going to have to call you a ho' until you adjust your behavior. (chuckle)

Tina said...

well i guess a continued pattern of behavior can constitute the transition from ho-ish to just ho. well the DSM-IV-TR has different pds of time for diff disorders. i agree with the 6mo time pd.
so here's the diagnostic code:
677.99 Ho Behavior, chronic, early or late onset
i know, i'm a psychology nerd! but i'm crackin up over here!