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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mortal sensibilities

I remember one day in my youth asking my uncle, "Does it storm in the Atlantic Ocean." And he replied, "Why wouldn't it." And my youth's naivete, couldn't fully grasp what he wanted me to learn. With a few more minutes of coaching he explained to me that an ocean is a huge mass of water and precipitation can take place there as it would on land. So, I've always kept that morsel of information in the back of my mind. When ever meterologists inform the public of weather advisories, I take heed and hew to their instructions. And now I'm baffled because we still don't know what happened to Air France Flight 447.

The plane literally disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean -- in those waters between Brazil (eastern coast of South America) and Africa -- i.e. trade ship route. I don't know, I believe the waters between Brazil and Africa are sacred considering the history of the slave trade. No satellites, radar, we got nothing. Freak of nature, perhaps. Maybe 20 years down the line, we'll get a clue to shed some light on the tragic crash.

And then yesterday, in the nation's capital two trains collide. Bizarre. We don't know why, although we're told those things aren't supposed to happen. says who We're only humans and we have mortal sensibilities. All we can do is live life to the fullest and count your blessings. And know you are loved and to love back.