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Monday, June 22, 2009

You Rap What You Know

So every once in a while, I end up having one of those conversations about rap music and how people just ain't saying nothing these days, which I have to say is true. The subject matter of most rap music making money or playing on the air waves, is pure garbage. Or maybe it is because this type rap music is just not speaking to what a mature individual would want to hear. Back in the day rap, like Amaretto was talking last week, had such richer topics for discussion. Now we have dudes rapping about how they could make a million without saying nothing on a track. And what's funny is? It did (chuckle)

Need I say more? (chuckle) I think I will.

These guys rap about what they know... could you be mad that? Let's use Soulja boy, my favorite adolescent rapper, for example. What you know, Soulja boy?

1. Crank That - "Soulja Boy off in this oh, Watch me crank it, watch me roll, Watch me crank dat, Soulja Boy, Then Superman dat oh"

Sounds like a couple of boys watching porn with nothing to do, who decide they going to play a silly prank on a chick. So better yet, they write a song about it and seeing that this is the first single, you have to put a dance to that ish!

"Now watch me youuuuuuuuu!" You know you want to dance right now... do it. (chuckle)

2. She Got A Donk - "Do the grown man"

And what is that? Are you acknowledging that you ain't grown. (chuckle) It is so cute that you do still try.

"Get low with it!" Even I know that one. (chuckle)

3. Report Card - "I took out my report card, looked at it all Fs on it, took it back to the teacher and told her throw some D's on it."

You ain't serious? Hot beat but really? D's? Come on. No further comment.

4. Kiss me Through the Phone - "She call my phone like, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da..."

This has got to be may favorite. What adults kissing through the phone? Speak up. That is like having sex in the car. I am sorry, I am grown. I only do those things for kicks now. I ain't kissing no one through the phone unless they in the middle east at war and I can't get there on no more than two connecting flights. (chuckle) What he doesn't tell you is why he can't get with you... is it curfew? (chuckle) Let me stop.

"6, 7, 8, triple 9, 8, 2, 1, 2" (chuckle)

5. Turn My Swagga On - "Hopped up off tha bed, Turn ma swag on, Took a look in tha mirror said wassup, Yeeeeea I'm gettin money."

Tell me this is not the ultimate hype song before a party to boost one self. I love it! As silly as it is. Loved it so much, I had to make the remix just for bed time. eh-em "Imma hop in bed, Turn ma swag off, took a look at the mirror said, good nite, yeeeeeaaa, get my nappin on." (chuckle) I am getting old. (chuckle)

"I got a question why they hatin on me" It would seem like that from this post but I'm not. Just pointing out that you are purely for entertainment purposes. You won't be joining me on that lonely island where I can only bring one CD. No-way... Soulja boy you sure tell' em!(chuckle)

And there you go 5 reasons why I just can't take you seriously but I will shake my butt to your music.

Much luv until next week... peace :)


ladyinred said...

Oh yes! Lol. These songs remind me of when we used to have freestyle sessions in the cafeteria back in high school. Only we found the dumb lines we were spittin amusing and not potentially profitable.

And by the way, don't write off sex in the car just cause you're getting old. Gotta keep it spicy if ya wanna keep the flame burning ;)

Tina said...

girl, the swag remix was hot when u first made it, lol! but for real, u can't take the "rap" u hear on the radio seriously nowadays. i for one can't have but so much fun w/ most songs b/c the lyrics are so offensive. *sigh* i must be gettin old (lol)!

Courvoisier said...

Oh snap ladyinred, I forgot to say "unless for the thrill factor."
Most definitely sex in the car is by choice. (chuckle)

Tina - Right! Tired as a mofo. That trip made me realized how much I missed you chica.

Amaretto said...

I had to cover my mouth after reading the report card lyrics! Throw some D's on it?! Wow! I would have killed myself if I had straight D's on my report card! This post was hilarious! I'm shaking my butt and turning on my swag too! ;)

mari said...

soulja boy is wack, lol=o) you know that number in 'kiss me through the phone' actually has a voicemail line? yeah, i know.

Courvoisier said...

Amaretto - I know. I was beating myself up when I got Bs. This just crazy.

Mari - Tell me something? How do you know that?
"6, 7, 8, triple 9, 8, 2, 1, 2" hmm...

Bellini said...

@courvoisier: i'm tickled pink that finally did a post about this, when you broke it all down for me Memorial Day weekend -- you had crackin' up. you're a genius for this ! lol, oh and there are a few songs i need for you to breakdown but i'll let you know in Nawlins!

mari said...

lol! umm, so i was in the car with some buddies and we decided to do the fool and see if this was a valid number...*sigh* i don't regret it, it was a great laugh!:)

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