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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

shakespearan love

Act I
"Wheneva i wanted to go out and do me -- I'd start an argument, just some stupid ass shyt. Then I'd go get her, buy her some shyt, take her out to eat... she'll be mad for a hot minute. Then we're good...until the following week when I gotta do it all over again."

I’m pushing it... push

17 years later, 2 kids later, begged and cried and convinced him to take her down the aisle – you was a girlfriend for 17 years?
seen him 2 months ago -- i don't recall a wedding band on the finger... and he always shared the fact that he told his wife "don't nothing change now that we're married" can't change a dog's spots!

Push it to the limit!
Act II
"I'm not lookin' for a relationship right now. I just wanna do me! But I like you. So, if you wanna kick it we can." Fast forward a year later

After countless trips, love making sessions, and other exclusive moments together – I’m just a friend?

Oh, baby you – you got what I neeeeed
but you say I’m just a friend, you say I’m just a friend!
So, brotherman life’s been good, but ya know I’m a pioneer. so I'm headin' west.
Brotherman retorts, “ Uh, out west!? I thought we were getting’ married?”’
Sistagirl replies, “Married? There’s no ring on my finger babe."

11 months later, brotherman and sistagirl were married.
32 years of marriage & 2 grown adults to prove it how ya like that for stats

I can’t leave you alone… you got me feenin’… got me goin’ crazy…
I can’t leave you alone… you got me feenin’… girl, I’m feenin’ for you

Now, everything ain’t a happy ending as is portrayed in Act III. Act I and II are on some shaky, baky status. But, what I’m trying to convey is that menfolk will push it to the limit – IF YOU LET THEM, ladies. The guy in Act I would always tell me “women have so much power”. In Act II, homegirl is still trying to find her way and I have a feelin' she might end up a sourpuss or at the very least compromised her standards. But, homegirl is dismissing the fact that she has the power to change her sityachun. If this is the case, why are women always feeling powerless? Did you check Act III, sistagirl knew her power and exercised it accordingly. Ladies, usurp your power back, and for those of you who never gave it up – kudos. And I couldn’t end the quote without reference to a lyric – so ladies Fight the Power!




Courvoisier said...

ACT I - What?!?

ACTII - What?!?!

ACT III - Aww...

They sure do push it to the limit. I tend to believe, women set the boundaries and men fall in line or don't step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

ACt I WOW waited 17 years..
ActII she phcuked up out the gate SMH

You have to know what you want and what you are worth and not be afraid to let things be known up front, and most importantly have the resolve to dissolve situations that aren't up to parr...like Act III

Rum Punch said...

Bellini - Isn't theme week fun? Lol! I loved this! I mainly loved it because I could hear your voice all up and through! Anyway. On point - Act II is definitely where lots of women be in some shape, fashion or form. But that whole we got the power thing -such a hard lesson for so many of us women to really, truly get and then put it to practice...

Bellini said...

@ courvoisier: say what girl -- i think you're on to somethin'!

@ anonymous: lmao @ you! sounds like there's no hope in Act II in your book?

@ rummy: yes, yes -- theme week is fun; you and amaretto are geniuses for this one (lol)! ya'll know i wouldn't be me w/o my colloquial speak. it's funny you identified characters in Act II (lmao) still... that's funny & the fact that Anonymous doesn't even have hope for Act II - shyt is truly funny...

Amaretto said...

Oh, I can't take credit for this theme, this is purely a Julep Punch brainchild! But I will say that Act II made me sad because how many of us play these roles? And Act I...wow! 17 years is a long time!

Bellini said...

@amaretto: oh, i knew it was rummy & somebody -- sorry minty...what is so comforting about Act II that women settle or are caught in that rut? and yet men will do just what minty said, either rev up the space and throw u out the car or burn rubber while ur on the curb so you can't get back in; or slow it down to a complete stop and walk away...at times i feel like i should be a shrink -- second life perhaps?

mint julep said...

speak the truth. men will push the limits. we women have to establish our limits, our standards like my grandmama always says and keep to them. don't get to comfortable and relax them. even when you think it might be ok.....don't. cause they will push the line.