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Monday, August 31, 2009

Courvoisier Top 5

This Monday when I need the energy to do the work week one more time, sometimes I need a little eye candy to get going. Sorry male readers, this post is for the ladies but I am sure you can pick up a free grooming tips... j/k. (chuckle)

1. Idris Elba - Everybody likes him, so he is a given... I start with him.

2. Followed by Common, the classic cutie (as I like to call him).

3. Oh and let's not forget his co-star in the new movie Just Wright, Mechad Brooks. Yummy! Can't wait until the movie.

4. Another oldy but goody, Hill Harper takes number. One of these lunch breaks I plan to read that book of yours, the Conversation.

5. Lastly, my all time FAVE, Columbus Short. My oh my, does Courvoisier love her some Co-lum-bus!!!

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Amaretto said...

I will sine and cosine the circle of wonderfulness that is number 4! That was the last season of Desperate Housewives I watched. Who is number 5? And Morris doesn't make your list? :(

Rum Punch said...

Monday ignorance! I love it! Well y'all know that I love me some #2 - even tried to get on his tour bus. But his keyboardist was all, "he's tired." And I shan't tell y'all my response, but it was typical Rum Punch foolishness. So I never knew #3's name. I just know him as Jerome from the game. And I be tellin' Mint Julep I don't think he's that cute. She tells me I'm trippin... And maybe I am he looks scrumptious in that picture! LOL!

Amaretto said...

Oppps! My comment was directed at number 3 not number 4! Hill Harper is cool. I'm sine and cosining the circle wonderfulness that number 3! It's Monday, my bad!

Rum Punch said...

@ Amaretto - I was fina say - when did you start lovin Hill Harper? And when was he on Desperate Housewives? Lol....

Courvoisier said...

You two are way tooo silly!

Amaretto - Who is COLUMBUS? Please google him... I don't have time to type this response today. He hasn't done a lot of stuff but he is a dancer, actor and VERY intelligent brother. Heard him talk on a couple of shows and was blown!

I know Hill Harper is an old head but I just love to hear him talk. And Morris' time has come and gone... this list is TODAY for me. If I was doing a list of 10 then he would definitely make it with Rock Star Obama, and timeless Denzel.

Rum Punch - I need you to watch TrueBlood... just an episode with him in it. He is HOTTT to death... came a long way from Desperate Housewives. This dude makes me light headed when his shirt is off. LOL!