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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reality Bites

Somewhere between the Real World Boston circa 1997 and today, most of what I watch on television is “reality” television. Does anyone else remember crazy Kameelah Phillips and her 100 plus requirements her man would need to possess? In my Google searching to see if she ever found that special someone, I found out that she’s a doctor now! Which I was amazed by because she’s moved on in her life, trying to find cures for diseases and whatnot, but here I am only remembering her for that list she wrote 12 years ago! It’s weird, this world we live in now where we can take bites from people’s lives and pretty much act like we know them, when in reality we don’t.

With that said I love watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta! And genuinely I was shocked to hear that Kandi Burruss’s ex-fiance
A.J. passed away over the weekend. While I logically know the episode I just watched on Thursday night was taped months ago, it just feels like I’m watching them live their lives with no delay. And it’s weird that while watching this show I have been calling Kandi all sorts of stupid for linking up with a man who seemingly didn’t bring anything to the table and had all sorts of children by all sorts of women. I just couldn’t understand why she would entertain marrying someone after 6 months of meeting and knowing each other! And as one friend joked, did she buy that engagement ring herself? Because we know how we strong Black, independent sisters can be doing things for ourselves and our men folk! And then when Rum sent me the Essence.com article where Kandi said they had called off the engagement (yay) but she was the guardian of his two 12 year old daughters (saaaaaaaaay what) I had more fodder to talk about!

But for real for real, I don’t know Kandi or AJ beyond what I see. A few moments of their lives edited down to tell a story for my viewing entertainment and pleasure. But there is no denying that this sucks! His death of course, but the fact that this is now NEWS! Blog fodder. Something to Google search while at work. How many folks die on a regular basis? Ooodles! But if Ashely Jewell never met Kandi Burruss, who happened to be in a group called Xscape. And if GE never bought NBC who bought Bravo who discovered this delicious Real Housewives franchise. We never would have heard about the beating death of a Black man in a strip club who initiated the brawl in the first place. Is this reality? I’m thinking no-its too sensational-and we (myself included) can’t seem to get enough.

See You In Seven


Rum Punch said...

This was really good and poignant! And that's actually all I have to say. I have nothing witty to add.

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