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Monday, October 5, 2009

What do you say, Courvoisier? (Part 5)

Dear Courvoisier,
I am sleeping with a guy who in the heat of the moment, says things like “I want you to have my baby.” “You want to have my baby right?” “Little boys just like me… like their daddy” “There’s no aborting this!” And I have to tell you this type of talk during the act scares me. I am not interested in having your babies. We talked about this! Remember, “I ain’t the baby mamma type!” This type of bed talk really upsets me because when everybody is cool, we both agree… no babies. He already has one baby mama. URGH! What should I do because I can’t take this non-sense and frankly it is the quickest way to turn off the action.
Potential Baby-Mama

Well chica, I don’t have to tell YOU... make sure you keep up on your depo shots or pills. This dude sounds like the crazy type to forget how to put a condom on in the heat of the moment. I won’t lie to you this one took me by surprise. How is this type of talk remotely a turn on. (chuckle) I had to call for back up. A friend of mine says that some men consider this type of dirty talk a come-on and it is like a fetish. WHAT?!? (chuckle) I just had to blog this one for the brothers… does the idea of impregnating a woman make it extra steaming in the bedroom? Does it matter if she is your girlfriend or wife?

Obviously potential baby mama isn’t married to dude, so what the heck? Does he like the idea of racking up baby mamas? Is that the new trend?

School Courvoisier…

Much luv and no unexpected babies until next week… peace :)


Amaretto said...

LOL@ There is no aborting this! That and men are hilarious! I bet just as sure as Potential Baby-Mama got preggers he'd be denying the baby was his!

Localicious said...

SMH!!! rackin up babymamas is the new trend. like seriously, for real it's hott now. but i don't think most dudes get off on the idea of impregnating they girlfriend/fbuddy/side jawn. only a special few get off on that, and they tend to have the most baby mamas!

shannon said...

LOL... catching up on some old entries. Glad to see this topic made the cut! ;)


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