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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

petty pioneers

time to venture to the wild, wild, west

at times we must reference history to understand the current musings of our days... back in the early 19th century, Americans wanted to expand and the promises of the gold rush was all it took for some to head west. quixiotic narratives of pioneers heading west and the trials and tribulations they endured, all stories surmised that the prioneers were big, bold, and brave...

and fast forward 200 years...

and you have the Southwest, the rust belt, retirement haven, causing some fuss - ok let's just isolate Arizona. Governor Jan Brewer, Senator John McCain and Co. figured they'll exercise state rights and firmly establish a police state. The Economist interviewed Arizona state senator, Mr. Russell Pearce, masterminder of Arizona's law, opines that the law "removes the handcuffs" from the police and sheriff deputies so they can do their work. Moreover he states, "illegal is not a race; it is a crime." Well aren't you crafty with words.

Little did Arizona know - that they will cause national ruckus or did they. Chief rabble rouser, Reverend Al is ready to bring it to the wild, wild, west. Let me ask this, where is Telemundo in all this? granted they're probably communicating in Spanish and I don't tune in for their regular programming. And all the nuyoricans in New England - what's up? and the Cubans in Miami. Now, the Chicanos in Texas and Cali are ready for this spirited fight. But I'm saying the Hispanic community, what's up?

According to the Economist, Arizona Latinos comprise 30% of the state's population and yet only 12% of the electorate. Interestingly enough, Hispanic American families who have lived here for generations are ambivalent. Unfortunately, they are either indifferent or don't care about their brethren south of the border. So, which one is it - (a) you're white and life is alright, (b) be'cuz you don't speak Spanish anymore - it's a technicality you happen to be Hispanic/ Latino, or (c) the onus is on the illegal immigrants to figure out the American way?

Some jewels of wisdom to our Latino brethren, if black folks make up 12% of the population nationally, and yet will shout, holler, and talk to death about issues, like we comprise 50% of the population nationally - then i need ya'll to beat your feet, cha cha the maracas, or do whateva to be heard.



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