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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I come to work today and my coworker is ranting and raving about the awesomeness of this...

She's talking about how she is going to contribute to the movement, blah blah blah. I'm like okay girl, get up stand up for your rights! Even though you are gainfully employed and are well past college graduate age.

So like the Tea Party movement, I Need A Freaking Job is catching on like wildfire. And while I understand the frustration that unemployment and even underemployment can exact on a person just trying to make it and not be burden on others, I do wonder what they hope to accomplish with t-shirts and youtube videos. And after reading this, these folks are mad! I will admit that some of their opining had me chuckling a teensy bit...only because its truth. I just wonder who are they mad at? Because I don't recall all of these movements circa 2000-2008. But I guess when people are hurting it really doesn't matter who said or did what in the past, you just want the pain to stop immediately.

Did people observing the campaign of 2008 really think that Obama and em could really do it all in a couple of years? The fact that people thought that Mr. Obama was the second coming that would soon wipe all our tears away truly makes me chuckle. The fact that it hasn't happened yet and folks are wondering what they can hope in also makes me chuckle. Why would the political system be any different, if a multiracial man is "running" it? It's a system that has governed our country for decades...you can't change a system overnight. Right?

So as my coworker strokes out a check to get a INAFJ tee-shirt I eagerly await the next movement. Is it too late for me to ask for my 40 acres and a mule?

See You In Seven


Rum Punch said...

Ummm...ok. I watched the video. And went to the website. And I'm still confused. I also noticed that the video and dare I say this movement seems to be devoid of people who have been kissed by the sun. Oh wait no there's an Indian looking chick on the clothing optional section. Anywho. Prior to noticing that I was gonna say these anglos need to let that American Dream thing go. Times are a-changing. This is only the beginning of jobs being scarce. People better learn a trade. Or how to grow their own vegetables at least. Shooot I might go to HVAC school myself. Heh.

Amaretto said...

LOL! You're funny! Don't you know that unemployed sun kissed people is neither news worthy or a good reason to start a movement?!

I feel you on the HVAC! I'm trying to learn be a mechanic, a landscaper, a chef, an electrician, a waste management specialist, a nanny and a maid! Future Amaretto's song: I got 99 jobs, and workin' in an office ain't one!

Rum Punch said...

Hahahaha! I love it! Yeah girl. Yeah. Times is rough and I have a job.