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Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Wright... Is Just Right for Me

This past weekend I went to see Just Wright. I L-O-V-E-D it!

Yes, it was cliche and yes, you know how the story ends but I enjoyed watching it unfold the way it did. This movie has all my favorites in it... shall I list them? Listed in no particular order.

Queen Latifah
Phylicia Rashad
Paula Patton
Pam Grier
Mehcad Brooks

... and many more.

I will admit, I love black romantic comedies and this one is long over due. Love Jones and Brown Sugar have been on repeat in my DVD player for the longest and I can't wait for this to be released on DVD so I can add this to the collection. This movie manages to go back and forth between reality and fantasy without annoying me.

I will admit though that Common could have been replaced by someone else but it was refreshing to see a new face and it was a good opportunity for him. And I am okay with that too... he is cute.

QL on the other hand was HILARIOUS to me without turning into a Tyler Perry character. She was funny, sassy, strong, attractive and real but I am not going to lie, she seemed uncomfortable when it was time for her to be a lady. I just couldn't bring myself to believe that she really knew how to be completely 'fem'. Something about the scene in the bed that didn't ring true but I have always had this problem with QL. So who would I cast instead of QL? NO one. She is the best we got out there right now. I thought maybe Jill Scott but I can't image Jill being sporty at all! That would be a stretch. And there is J Hudd but we all know she isn't the best actress so QL it is. Thank god there aren't too many lovey dovey scences in the movie because that would have ruined it. There is just a enough.

Besides the acting this movie touches on a few of my favorite topics of discussion. Paula Patton's character lives up to our expectations about women with sole mission in life is to marry rich athletes. Although it was interesting see Paula dolled-up all the time, I found her character to be pathethic and extremely believable. Especially after I have spent the whole week reading and thinking about this whole idea of male sponsorship. Don't get me wrong, I understand the beauty of the idea but this strategy of obtaining a life-time sponsor is like playing to lotto everyday instead of investing in your 401k for retirement, for me. Could we work on making sure you and the targeted prey of choice run in the same circle as you? Similar to the chick who goes to law school to find the lawyer/future politian. (chuckle) When Paula said that she wanted to become a brand, I was like why don't you focus on that first? I found it more exciting that QL's character's career had the opportunity to blossom based on her hard work not that she was about to get with an athlete. Or maybe that is the Capricorn in me?

I also, thought it was fun how the movie pointed out how one's vision can be so clouded by appearances. Without giving away anymore of the movie (because I would love for you to check it out)... Common's character knew the deal but was just so confused. Why does it have to take loosing or almost loosing someone to get the point? Ordinary just doesn't seem as appealing.(sigh) To be human.

Much luv until next week peace :)

P.S. Rum Punch and Amaretto, I have decided Amir is an art collector and I can't wait to meet him. (chuckle)

Ghetto video track of the week.... no wonder the young girls are confused?!?!


Amaretto said...

LOL@ not believing QL to be Fem! That reminds me of this


Of course Amir's an art collector, of course!

Rum Punch said...

Ohh you know I love me some Common! I'ma have to sneak off to a matinee sometime this week. Anywho. Oh this horrible song. As I told MJ this weekend whilst we were ridin, I always change this @ the chorus - like what's this foolishness? Who knew what she was talmbout. I don't think it's anything wrong w/ encouraging women to get sponsors - let's just start calling them husbands. Tee hee. And speaking of sponsors - yesss Amir must be an art collector! That is what y'all will bond over when you first meet. ;-)

Nikita said...

Just found this blog last night and I can't get enough!
Loving it!!
A new favourite of mine... :-)

Keep doing the damn thing, ladies!

Rum Punch said...

@ Nikita - Welcome! And thank you very much for the kind words! You come back now, ya hear? :-)