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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Rough Side of the Mountain

When I was younger this was one of my favorite gospel songs. Lord knows we never heard it at my church. Tee hee. But it would come on the radio whilst going to church. And I don’t know. At eight, nine, ten years old, it just resonated with me. It just sounded like chu’ch. Like my great granny’s church we used to go to when we went down South. Somewhere off a lil' country road. One room. No air. People fanning. Hands clapping. Folk shouting. Great granny and her sister getting up and singing hymns that only they knew.

Whenever I heard Rough Side of the Mountain as a child, it just sounded authentic. As if someone was really talking to God. And not just talking, but also keeping it real with Him, like, “yo. For real? This right here is really rough.” Especially when the woman would come in at the chorus with her throaty, strong voice. I would have visions of someone literally struggling up the side of a huge mountain with a big ol bag on their back. Struggling. Sweating. Stumbling. Weary. Worn. Out. Run. Down. But still climbing. And letting it be known the whole way to anyone who was listening (the Lord included) that, “This is hard. But I’m doing my best. And I’m gonna make it.” Cause I always thought the person was gon’ make it.

But what did I know about life’s mountains at 10 years old? Not a thing I tell ya. And even now I feel like I’ve only dealt with some really steep hills. Lol. But the other day I was going through it. Having a crisis of faith. Not in the Lord. But in myself. In my abilities. In my purpose. In my destination. In my right now. There were no quick answers. And truth be told it seemed like there were no answers at all. Just questions. A million questions. A thousand different paths. A hundred steps to take. I just have to start walking. One really huge mountain that seems impossible to climb. And so I had to take it back to my childhood and put this song on repeat. Cry to it. Pray on it. Whine, "oh Lawwddd" all through it. And then let it speak to my spirit. Soothe my soul. Push me up a little higher. Force me to do better. Make me clasp His hand tighter. And remind me that I’m gon’ make it.

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!


Amaretto said...

I think that you have climbed mountains, remember everything is relative-and at the time the things you dealt with were pretty steep and cause the fingers to bleed.

Like you said, you know the woman you are want to become. All this (drama, frackanackle bull-, crazy work folk, uncertainty, etc.) is just prologue to your story.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! I felt the same way about that song as a child LOL, it just spoke to me at a young age, and I too have fell back on it from time to time and its message about presssing onward and trusting the Lord, even while navigating the roughest terrain!!!!

Rum Punch said...

@ Amaretto - Yeah that's true. And that's all I really have to say. Lol.

@ Anon - AMEN right back!!! And that's all I really have to say. Lol.