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Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet the Friends

In some relationships, there is always that moment where you have to meet the friends. For me this is almost as bad as meeting the parents. I usually don't have a problem with meeting his friends but oh-boy, I am always worried for him when it is time to meet my friends. My friends can be tough. Tougher than my parents in some cases.

Two weeks ago, Semi-colon had the pleasure of meeting some of my friends. I was not prepared for this meeting but it was one of those coincidental meetings or so I would like to believe. (sigh)

Anyway, we all know that when a friend meets the 'other', it's natural to ask about the other from that point onwards or pass some kind of judgement. Usually I brush off the inquiries and ignore the judgments. Why? Because I am a grown a$$ woman and can make decisions for myself (chuckle). No but seriously, it is me who has to live with these decisions.

Back to my story... Semi-Colon meets one of my friends, let's call her April. The minute Semi and April meet, April can't stop going on and on about how attractive Semi is behind his back. Okay-Okay-Okay! I get it. Then when that doesn't take, the questions start coming. Soooo are you two in a relationship? What's up with him?

(sigh) It appears that I am going to have to give some information to end this train of thought. So I do. I say "We are cool. Just friends. We are feeling each other out... you know. Nothing too serious."

She says "So nothing too serious, like you wouldn't have a problem with him hollaring at your girl?"

Crazy Chick (remember her?) kicks in. Ummm... "Pump your breaks April! One, I am not really thinking about that when I am still trying to get to know him and two, what is it to you?" (All rhetorical questions) Semi don't need to use me to rope in the ladies. He is good if that is his MO"

April then proceeds to tell me no need to get defensive, she was only asking because she didn't want me to be strung along.

CC was like "Okay?!?" (sigh)

This whole interaction made me realize that I WAS a bit defensive because I mean DAMN, why women gat to be SO competitive? I like the dude but why do I have to hurry and put a possession label on him out of fear that someone else will take him? Can I just enjoy the nightly bedtime calls. (sigh) So then I start thinking about whether or not I should start seriously thinking about moving in the relationship direction with Semi or moving on. (sigh) Forcing the situation kind of... in one way or the other. (sigh)

Nah, who am I fooling? I am NOT remotely interested forcing the situation. I am not new to this game... I am patient. After all at the end of the day, I am honest about my feeling and that is all that matters. I can't be bothered with what he decides to do or I will constantly be in a state of unrest.

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Rum Punch said...

HA! What the frick is wrong with April? Me no like. Even if he was just there to kick it, I assume she knows some of the deal between you and semi colon. And when you clapped back, her trying to "recover" with some I don't want him to string you along is bogus. Did Semi have any thoughts about April?

mint julep said...

see this is why....chicks get slapped (or not invited to social events). friends and potential/maybe/wanna be lovers don't mix. i mean i guess all is fair in love and war and april can holla if she want to. and i guess it's better that she "inquired" first. but idk, like you say, women, especially single black women are mad competitive these days. guess you gotta protect ya neck, if you wanna keep it around.

Rum Punch said...

@ MJ- BWAAAAHHH! You stupid for that one homie! (c) Jay Z. Yeah. I guess chicks on some if he ain't yours, I'm fina make him minez. Oh well. Even if he is yours. Same rules apply. Lol.