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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What’s in a pre-nup?

It’s just a piece of paper?

An understanding of accords?

A guaranteed stability floor?

A copout for the enfeebled?

A reminder of the inequities in a relationship?

I have heard the argument that since 50% of marriages end in divorce, the prevalence of the dissolution of marriage requires pre-nuptial agreements. A few weeks ago, I happened to be reading the latest Sista 2 Sista magazine and its Editor, Jamie Foster Brown, interviewed Chilli (TLC) and she shared that there’s a whole lot of mess, drama in divorces without prenups and Bellini is thinkin’ true … true… and thus a prenup could circumvent some of that unnecessary drama…
But Chilli you’re a multi-millionaire I hope who unfortunately filed for bankruptcy, so you just might be a bit jaded on the issue.
Aaaahhhh, but then a recent conversation with a friend brought a pedestrian perspective.

So my friend’s cousin is a newlywed, Anthony. The newlyweds have been mindin’ their own business, except Anthony’s family has been trippin’… Well the Anthony’s father is a self-made millionaire keen on entrenching the riches within the family, Anthony is tied to many of those assets. So, when the Anthony was ready to propose to his now wife, Anthony’s father offered to finance the wedding. Now mind you nobody asked Anthony’s Daddy to do shit. Well, it turns out Anthony’s Daddy had surreptitious motives and was trying to leverage his financing of the wedding to coerce Anthony to obtain a prenup. Anthony, standing firm in his manhood, told his Daddy – NO!
Well, do ya know Anthony’s sisters are acting a damn fool. They’re dissing they’re sister-in-law at functions, calling her a gold-digger, etc… Mind you, the wife’s family are by no means shabby in their finances. You know I had to tell my friend to remind his cousins that God forbid their brother’s union fail, they sure are giving her plenty of ammunition to wipe them clean tee hee tee hee
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God bless a child that got its own



Courvoisier said...

Amazing! Really?!

Bellini said...

Huh? I'm confused - expound beyond 2 words:)

Dirty Red said...

I think that if a woman is with you from the start of your career, if she stood by you when you ain't have shit, then if the marriage goes down the tubes she deserves half. But somebody you met after you made yours and she/he know that you made yours, and they ain't contribute nothing but a little dack or punany, then yep, a pre-nump is a must. Love and money do not mix, and most times money is more powerful than love, so if you meet a dude or chick that ain't put in on nothing, then you needs that guarantee that they leave with what they came with. After all, marriage ain't nothing but a business arrangement anyway. Some businesses fail, some last a lifetime, but it is still all business.