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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Goddess of Love and Beauty?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So what the *beep* is this saying?

Would it have been too much to ask for her to put on some black lollipops?! My homeboy thought she was wearing a thong and he was seeing actual butt cheeks! I know Janet, it ain't fair-where's the FCC now?

I know that the Williams sisters are beasts in the world of female tennis. And many folks think that when they run things, they can do whatever they like. But there are still rules, limits and small things like self respect that should be considered. And the fact that when you are in the public eye, you become role models to the childrens. Whether you want that role in the lives of the impressionable youth becomes a moot point because thats the cost of celebrity.

There ain't nothing beautiful about this shot Ve Ve!

I wondered as I wandered if she was about to drop an album and this was just a publicity stunt to get me to go out an cop her new record. But no, she's not vying to be the next Lil Kim. So then I thought, making a statement aside, that Ms. Williams wanted to compete with Serena for the Ms. Butterface award. I think it is common knowledge that shortly after Halle, Serena appears on black men's WILF lists largely because of her A$$ests-both physical and monetary.

But what do I know? I don't have a thousand words left to say about this, but maybe do you. Am I just a prude hating on her freedom of expression? Or do you also agree that this was a statement that was lost in translation?

See You In Seven


Anonymous said...

So Venus is not allowed to wear chocolate colored panties? Is that's what's really destroying society now? Flesh colored underwear?

Rum Punch said...

@ kamakula - Yesss! Venus's panties are destroying society! That BP Oil spill, that ain't nuffin. Or not. It's just destroying our eyes. In all seriousness - they were never known for their fashion or hair choices. I remember watching them with my daddy as a child and I'd be like, "why they got those beads in their hair?" Heh. I think now they do these things not because of shock value, but because they can. It's like yo we the best in the world. Say something. I dare ya.

Shy said...

Ummm...WOW, Venus!! Why would she have her azz, and dare I say, crotch, out like that while playing tennis??? Just seems unsanitary to me, among other things.

Anonymous said...

Like I said - she doesn't. She's wearing underwear. You gals really think Venus' body has that many different tones? I mean my chest is a bit lighter than the rest of my body, but it's still not that drastic of a change. And it's not like we are a people who tan.

Rum Punch said...

@ Kamakula - Well yes we know she's wearing underwear. But when I first saw the picture on another site it threw me for a minute and I had to look closer (no homo -hahahaha!) Maybe if I had seen the game it wouldn't have seen so jarring. But it was like where are her pan...Ohhhh??? OHHHH... Lol.

Courvoisier said...

I find this fashion choice in bad taste. She knew the illusion wearing the brown under gament would lead too... This chick ain't simple. Doesn't she have a fashion line or something and went to school for fashion design? If her outfit even went with he brown... then I could give her a half pass... But black red and brown.... Come on

Anonymous said...

There is quite a difference between bad taste and corrupting children. Not too long ago, this same discussion was bearing held about the skirts that tennis players are wearing. That it has now moved to what they wear under the skirts doesn't really change much in my mind.