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Thursday, May 20, 2010

the more things change...

just before this year's super bowl, new orleans elected a new mayor.  he won 66% of the vote in a field of over 5 other candidates.  his closest competitor received only 14% of the vote.  no doubt he was the people's choice in a crowded field where elections usually drag on for successive rounds of primaries and runoffs.

in contrast, several seasoned politicians and a couple of political newcomers (but not new runners) rushed to the open Louisiana State House District 93 Seat a few months ago.  James Perry and Helena Moreno rose to the top of a wide field of candidates and will duke it out in next week's runoff.  now that the stakes are high, the kid gloves have come off and both candidates are going for the jugular, exposing the relative faults of their opponent. 

the gambit, nola's local weekly paper (the smart and reliable alternative to the time-pic) recently posted it's endorsement in the District 93 race. 

Voters in House District 93 will choose a new state representative on Saturday, May 29. The district contains the economic nerve center of Louisiana — most of the French Quarter, all of the CBD and Warehouse District, the port, the Morial Convention Center, the Louisiana Superdome and New Orleans Arena, the new LSU/VA hospital project, and the mainstays of the city’s tourism and restaurant industries.
The two remaining candidates are housing advocate James Perry and former newscaster Helena Moreno. In their runoff campaigns, the candidates have brought forth disturbing accusations against one another, and recent revelations about both cause us to take no position in this race. That this race has come down to two seriously flawed candidates is a shame, considering the economic importance of this district. 
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