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Monday, October 6, 2008

April, "This is jump-off..."

Sometimes I am not sure where the hours in the day disappear to but before I know it, I’m doing the whole get-it-together-it’s-Monday routine. Anyway before I kick this week off, I wanted to let you know that by Tuesday I had had enough of my non-functioning cell phone. It was no longer refreshing. It was making it rather difficult to keep up with my social calendar.

Okay, so last week I was drowning a few of my work sorrows away with a friend during happy hour when I ran into my cousin’s boyfriend. Of course, I spoke and attempted to introduce him to my friend but as I opened my mouth to say his name I realized, I was about to introduce him by some other name that his mother didn’t give him. Ut-oh! Not only was I about to do that but I couldn’t remember this man's name for the life of me. WOW! This man has been dating my cousin for almost a year and I don’t know his name. I had to think on that for minute.

Then it all made sense (and ladies don’t kill me I just thought this discussion would be rather entertaining) for the last eight months, we called and referred to this dude as jump-off. Now of course he doesn’t know this but dang we must have used it a lot for me to almost introduce the man as jump-off!

At this point, I am thinking when the girls get together do we ever use real names? I know guys have their little code names but we rarely hear those unless they tell us. But my girls and I have used these codes names sometimes in the presence of the man in which we are referring. Tsk-tsk. (chuckle) Sometimes the names switch…you can go from being a "jump-off" to a "mister" without even knowing. Your woman might have even had a slip of the tongue and you never even realized it. (chuckle)

Well this morning, I am going to shout out a few of them. They all hold special places in our hearts. (chuckle)


Jump-Off: One minute you chilling and the next there is more than just the lights off.

Coach: You keep a sister on her toes giving her the little extra encouragement that she needs and not necessarily what she wants.

Father: Not to be confused with the pimp and I think this one is self explanatory.

WH: Ahh, everyone has one of these…work husband. (Well not everyone.)

West Coast: The long distance brother. Time stops and the relationship pauses when you are not in town, but picks right back up from where it left off when you are.

Mister: Ooo, “if you think hard work been doggin’ you before get ready for the big dog!”

Old head: I think is one is pretty common but chivalry is not dead here!

Wing MAN: Not the initial score but proves that first impressions might be deceiving.

Hooptie: a.k.a The overambitious, loves to make promises but just can’t seem to follow through...but we love him still, his intentions are good.

The Avatar: Whether he knows it or not, he IS the chosen one and has mystical healing powers.

Mr. Sandy Nipples: Last but not least, my favorite. Always knows how to show a sista a good time. Doesn’t matter who is there…Mr. Sandy Nipples puts a smile on you and your girlfriends’ faces.

We love you all & have a wonderful day! :)

Take a minute to shout out your favorites by code name. (chuckle)

Until next week…peace :)


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

foul not remebering his name, how would u have felt

and where is the scholar - i dont fit none of them boooo hoo

Rum Punch said...

I love this Courvoisier! For me there's been:
Shorty-He was short in height, but not in other places! LOL!
Youngin- Self explanatory...
The doctor - Self explanatory

That's all I can think of right now. I may be back...

Rum Punch said...

I thought of two more! "The rapper"- yes the air quotes are necessary. And neighbor boy. That's all I got!

mint julep said...

wow girl! you got some interesting names there. loves "sandy nipples". what a visual. a few of mine:

baby-daddy: although i've never given birth to a single solitary soul.

the rest are self-explanatory: the Q-dog, the tubster, hot sex on a platter.

that's all i got.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I dont have any favorites but over at my blog I do have the dating from hell chronicles...and there was smokey the bear, funky feet man, the drug dealer, and old ass white man

Bellini said...

ok, there's sportcoat, goofy (lol), and now i'm drawing a blank

Courvoisier said...

Torrance darling you can't name yourself. I am sure your friends have one for you that suites you just fine.

That WAS messed up and I did feel bad. Believe I won't forget his name ever again. lol

Courvoisier said...

Mint Julep - Remind me to sing you the song and show the dance for the charming Mr. Sandy Nipples.
Tubster that sounds cute!

To all the code names out there if you don't feel loved you should have yesterday.


MrsMeany said...

I have a codename/nickname for almost EVERYONE that I meet, people in my family, people at work--I've been doing this FOREVER! I can't help myself...I even have several nicknames!!

There was a name my girlfriend and I used to call a guy she used to date: ONB (Ole Nerdy Bastard)...he was (probably still is) very intelligent AND a wanna be thug!

And I HAVE forgotten someone's "gub-mint" because I was so used to calling them by a "non-published" nickname...it's QUITE embarassing, so I know how you feel!

rebecca said...


(Part I)

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you;

But when the leaves hang trembling,

The wind is passing through.

(Part II)

Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I;

But when the trees bow down their heads,

The wind is passing by.

O wind , why do you never rest,

Wandering, whistling to and fro,

Bring rain out of the west,

From the dim north bringing snow?

~by rs gold

Anonymous said...

My all time favorite:


He acted like Tupac.. just unpredictable and in my 20's that's all I needed in my life. He by far had the best code name !

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