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Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Drink Maximum

There was a time when Rum Punch and liquor were synonymous (heh, heh, no pun intended). Seriously, I Rum Punch used to could drank! Not just drink, but drank. It was common knowledge that if I were there at your spot then alcoholic beverages needed to be had. And it got to the point that if I didn’t have a beverage in my hand, if I took a freakin’ night off, people would be like, “What’s the matter with you Rum Punch, how come you ain’t drankin?”

Oh yes, I was the resident alocoholic © Eddie King Jr. from the Five Heartbeats… I’ll admit it. And even though I knew that my family has substance abuse issues I chose to pretend like my drinking wasn’t a real problem. Because in my mind it really wasn’t. I didn’t have any serious issues with it. I was never out of control with it. It’s not like I drank every day. But when I did, I drank. A lot. Sometimes too much. Not so much that I made a fool out of myself, but way more than I should have. But as I got out of the college atmosphere and gradually out of the party mode and stopped going to late night happy hours on the regular, my drinking declined.

And now I’m soft y’all. Now, two drinks will make me very tipsy, whereas I used to take numerous shots in rapid fire succession. Now, I prefer to stay in my house and have a glass of wine with my daddy. Yes, we have our own lil' bootleg wine tasting. And if I do go out I have learned the art of pacing because I just can’t do it like I used to! Recently I hung out with a girlfriend from college (a true drinking buddy), and we tried to do it like we used to. Let’s just say the next morning was filled with curses and regrets. I mean who were we kidding? We weren’t two young girls who only had to worry about midterms and finals. We were grown ass women who had real responsibilities and whose livers were begging for mercy.

And to add insult to injury while I was in Atlanta we went to a spot we used to frequent in college where the liquor is cheap and the wings are tasty! I asked for a rum and coke. And the waiter practically brought me straight rum! I was like, “I’ma need some more coke.” For realz. It pained me to say these words. I, Rum Punch needed more coke? I was like is this me? There was a time when I drank their long islands like it was water. What the hell was wrong with me back then? And what happened to me?

I suppose that everyone gets grown in their own way. I mean there comes a time when you have to put the childish things away, whatever that is to you. Of course this happens to different people at different times. But for me, I realized that I couldn’t be that “resident alocoholic” anymore. I couldn’t be that chick who drank in excess on the regular. I had to save that shit for special occasions. Like last night… LOL! Damn it. Now, this morning I gotta headache…

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Getting Grown, dont think I have got there just yet and I dont even know what would be my defining moment but good for you and yay! to Mint Julep!!! Congrats

miss kate said...

I feel your pain. I used to be able to drink strapping full grown men under the table. I hit 30 and my alcohol tolerance magically dwindled overnight to the point that week-old Kool-Aid might have me dancing topless on tables. Le Sigh.

cinco said...

Now I stick to wine-your buzz is quicker. Although I love Bud Lights, Bloody Marys, Tom Collins, Maduri Sours and Tequilas- it's quicker and cheaper to go with wine.

MrsMeany said...

I, too, stay THIRSTY (I can throw 'em back, ESP. for a thin chick!)
But I've learned to cut down on the partaking. I still DRANK a lot, but not as often. When I do drank, it's either at my girlfriend/cousin's house when I know that I don't have to drive anywhere or when I'm out with MrMeany.
Getting older makes you realize that dranking ain't the only way to have fun all the time.

CONGRATS, MJ on becoming OFFICIAL in LA! I KNEW you would!

Rum Punch said...

@ introspective - I feel you. Everyone gets there in their own time and way.

@ miss kate - I know! And dancing topless on tables is never a good look!

@ cinco - Yeah, I'm really starting to enjoy a nice glass of wine...

@ mrs meany - Yeah ain't nothin' like drankin in the house and havin a good time. That's the ticket!