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Thursday, December 10, 2009

aint no half steppin?

Dear readers,

Suppose you got the following text randomly:

"Do u have a boyfriend? Do want to be my girl
yes[ ] or No [ ]"


Dude asks girl's friend for her number bout 5 months ago. He calls. They talk every now and then. But he doesn't ask her out on a real date. Ever. They only been "out" twice. Once he called her while she was on her way out and she casually asked if he wanted to come with. Second time, over 3 months later, he invited her to an after work event. She went. It was cool. That's it. He likes to call and talk on the phone. But he always be on some "I was gonna ask you out but [insert lame excuse here.]"

So what to do with this text message? Is it cute? Is it funny? Insane? Something new?

Appropriate reply?

What say ya'll?


Anina said...

If I was 16 sure.
I don't down with the shy.
Just not my style.

My response would have been...

"Do u want to be friends?
yes[ ] or No [ ]"

Because I definitely can't be your girlfriend if we aren't at least good friends first. Let's work on that before we try be an item. Thank you!

Amaretto said...

I agree with Anina! Even a digital world this is lame.

Rum Punch said...

This whole thing is whiggety whiggety whiggety wack! Like I said before these nigs wanna put in half the work and reap the full reward. Negative son.

Bianca's BFF said...

Off topic, I apologize.

SPECIAL REQUEST: Would love to get one of the author's perspective on the Single, Black and Lonely article published in today's Washington Post, detailing the lives of DC women. As a DC native but Indiana resident, I have a number of friends from home who are living this experience. See link below.


Bellini said...

@Bianca's BFF: too funny you asked; some of us @ the 5spot had much to say about said article when it made its round to our inboxes... tell you what, let the 5spot confer and i'm sure we can hit you with a theme week on that topic right after the new year... 5spot chip in pls...

Rum Punch said...

I loves a theme week! Let's do it!

Localicious said...

HE IS L-A-M-E!!! Rum punch u said it perfectly. how u gonna go from associates to gf/bf when u ain't even put in the time to be friends? GROWN ppl, actual grown ppl, don't play these kind of games. homegirl needs to keep it movin til dude shows he ACTUALLY wants to be with her (i.e. put in work homie!).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm all late on catching this post--but man did it give me a good laugh. That fool went out like he was 7 years old. I say you should answer something along the lines of "not in any relationship that's too serious right now but it would be interesting to see how we would get along--how about you court me proper for a few weeks and send me the text again?

He sounds kind of lame but some of the best relationship start out kind of lame so you might as well give it a shot--this could be your blessing in disguise.

I can't wait to hear what you do!

Jade Ali El said...

Keep it Moving! He's probably got a real girlfriend. Don't waste your time.