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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

naivete is bliss

celebritydom is an interesting phenomenon of the 19th century. i mean don't quote me on it, i just think it is. i have always been the one to hold out for that minority of opinion contrary to others beliefs.

case in point

i would have bet my life that ev'ry thing was platonic between Jay and B during their 'Crazy in Love' video. I had to tell my bestfriend they have to sell the chemistry. She was quick to say, "naw uhh Bellini, B's shakin' is a lil' extra. you ain't doing all that unless you feelin' him." Then the BET awards rolled around and they performed their song and Jay pats her rump, and i had a hard time defending such gesture and figure it was showmanship.

or how bout, Chris and Rihanna? I didn't believe he hit her let alone breathed on her... until that damn pic came out. I still wonder had that pic never leaked, what would be the dynamics of their relationship now.

or didn't you think Jilly from philly was going to be with Mr. E Flat forever... never breakup? and although jilly is from philly, i just didn't think she'd ever express the philly in her on a record. and then she went center right of previous albums. lettin' folks know you can hate on me now. and i had shared with Courvoisier and co. that to see jilly from philly perform that song live is mind blowin', you just have to love that song upon jilly singin' live. and if you've ever been to jilly's concert where she sings 'My Love' where she lets you know she's been the other woman and Bellini gasps, i have a hard time digesting that... not jilly from philly - say it ain't so...

do ya remember kobegate? i was fooled thinkin' his ass had a squeaky clean image. i rooted for his ass too-- cussin' Colorado out, wishin' they'd leave him alone. and hoping somebody would smack that girl. oh my, was i ever so wrong i was young back then.

and although, never really cared for Tiger - who knew he had it in him to be wildin' out and such. he should just be ashamed of himself. and i can't believe ima say it-but i feel bad for Elin. This was not the life she agreed to- i think. and do you think Tiger is sorry or just sorry he got caught?

In 2010, i'll continue to live by the creed seein' is believin', hoping that i've been overexposed to celebrity shock vale and won't be amused by their antics anymore.



P.S. Folks Bellini will be traveling - so this is my last post until after 2010. Be safe and may God Bless. Happy New Year!!!


Dirty Red said...

I put faith in no man. Everybody is capable of doing anything. Nobody ever thinks that "The Good Reverand Dr. Minister Feel Good" could be boning every young chick in the Morning Praise Choir, until he gets caught naked on the Church Bus. So we are all capable of doing the "unthinkable". And to answer your question... Tiger Woo is not sorry about what he did. He is sorry that he got caught. I believe that no one can be sincere about an apology for doing something that they meant to do. Either you are lying about the apology or you are lying about doing what you felt you needed to do at the time. If he strayed once, then OK, shit happens.. But all those white women that have crawled out from beneath the hotel beds that Tiger stayed in..... Naa. That ain't no mistake. He meant to do what he did. Or maybe he is just like the rest of us men... We only think about what we did wrong after we nut. Our girlfriends, wives or whomever we profess to love don't even cross our minds while we are stroking. It is messed up, but it is what it is.

Amaretto said...

Bellini you make me laugh!

This was like a Who's Who Celebrity roll call of indiscretions! I loved it!

I agree with Dirty Red, everyone has a vice or something they are doing or have done that they aren't proud of.

Like you I didn't give a flip about Tiger but the media saturation is making me care, making me have an opinion about his character when I don't know the man. I think it's hard to be a rich and/or famous person because we (da public) we are fascinated with perfection (he never said he was the greatest dad or father) and falls from grace. I think all the famous folks are going to join together to ban TMZ.

Happy and Safe travels chica!

Anina said...

Working in the Marketing field you know that everything out there in the media has been put out there for a reason and purpose, that doesn't mean it is the real. Even the mess that appears to be a leak.

Bellini said...

@Dirty Red: hey fam, you are too funny! lmao @ the following, "Good Reverand Dr. Minister Feel Good" could be boning every young chick in the Morning Praise Choir, until he gets caught naked on the Church Bus." so dirty, no accountability prior to bustin' a nut? a curious mind wants to know...?

@amaretto: hey girl-thanks chica. i think TMZ and other purveyors of gossip/rumors/innuendos are celebrities guilty pleasure.. they love to hate it and hate being left out of the headlines

@Nina: stop switchin' up on me - LOL! i totally agree with "Even the mess that appears to be a leak." on a sidenote: So you know after Dreamgirls, I crashed at my brother's pad in BKLYN and was reading a VIBE with Ri-Ri on the cover from the spring and the bodyguard alleges someone for Ri-Ri or Chris' camp leaked the photos. hmmmm, very interesting concept, it just goes to show very few things are by chance.

Rum Punch said...

Dirty Red - Your comments had me dyin'! DYIN! I'm with Anina - it's all about image. And no one's perfect. We're all fallible. I remember watching an Oprah and Barkley and Bernie Mac I think it was were on there. So they're talking about being in Vegas with Jordan. And Oprah's like, "JORDAN?!? HE GAMBLES! NOT JORDAN!" And they were lookin at him like, "that nygga do a lot more than gamble." HAHAHA!

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