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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better than the last...

A question often asked by others to single folk "What is your type?"

This is a question I could never answer and nor would you get an answer looking back over all the men I have dated and found attractive. In fact, I am still looking for that common thread myself.

So why is that I ask this question of other single folks, knowing that I can't even answer the question myself? (chuckle)

Anyway just because you know you can't answer the question, doesn't stop you from asking. So I do... (chuckle) I want to know... who doesn't? (chuckle) Especially from potentials.

Now, I never make it a point to find out who the ex's were but after talking to someone for a while you are bound to meet or hear about them. And when you do, it is always interesting to see if you and any of these past encounters have anything in common. When it came to my exhusband, there was definitely some shared physical traits. But what happens when you can't seem to find any obvious common traits?

Hmm... could the common trait be rooted in personality? Who knows? (chuckle)

I discussed this point with a friend and he shares that he is physically attracted many different types but it is the way that the women made him feel that sealed the deal.

Well excuse me. (chuckle)

Much luv until next week... peace :)

1 comment:

Dirty Red said...

I agree with your friend. Physical attraction is the attention getter for any relationship to even start. I mean... tell the truth.... in the beginning who the hell cares about a person's personality? You don't see a personality until after you get past how fine you think he/she is. If you think a person is unattractive, you won't even try to get to know the person long enough to see the personality.
So what is my type? Well #1 has got to be I have to find her attractive in some kind of way.
#2 After # 1 alls I need is a heartbeat.... That is until I get past her ass and breasteses so I can see her personality.