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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a ways to go...

so this is what I was gonna say last week

Hey folks, my apologies for being away for so long.

But I have a confession to make – within the next 72 hours I will become a member of the NAACP. Yup, that’s the right acronym. well that has yet to happen

And no - it's not the fact that the NAACP is raising the ire of the Tea Party movement that's compelling me to make the move. Rather, it was being informed that Mr. Ben Jealous was to meet with BP company to discuss the plights of black fishermen. Because to see Roland Martin visiting the bayou Washington Watch and get in the trenches with our folk and to hear it from the source’s mouth was touching.

And then last week, to hear George Will, Clarence Page, Dee Dee Myers et al. having their tête-à-tête inter alia including the NAACP and Tea Party movement let me know NAACP under the auspices of Jealous is doing something right. so i thought - can he rally to the cry of black farmers - what about the farm bill?

Plus if you factor this article I read yesterday ‘California Blacks Split over Marijuana Measure’, and to know the NAACP is on the “right” side of the argument. Ok, NAACP you’re rolling Bellini style. So, it’s time for me to get my membership on and be about it. Bellini is still half-steppin'

Since it’s a must we parlay about substantive s*** once in a while, let’s parse the arguments for marijuana, weed, hydro, etc vis-à-vis Proposition 19. Californians must decide whether to allow anyone 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, thereby levy a tax and regulate marijuana.

Now the most salient argument to me is Proposition 19 would address the inequity of criminality of drug possession within the black community. It’s plenty of black folks doing hard time ‘cuz they smoked a joint.

But I must say, some of the black pastors (tend to be anti-Proposition 19) have a legitimate argument about their reservations of legalizing a gateway drug. Most addicts interfaced with drugs through their use of marijuana initially.

Alice Huffman, NAACP California President, has it right, “I’m not encouraging anyone to recreationally use marijuana… I am simply focused on the injustice and the disparities in the criminal justice system.”

And speaking of NAACP - they are/were on a roll. And since Bellini must be about it versus speaking about it, I’m going to secure my membership in the next 72 hours. i'll just bide my time a lil' while longer ... tick..tock



1 comment:

Sevesteen said...

I'm inclined towards the tea party, (and don't see any more racism there than in either of the major parties) Don't do drugs, don't know of any of my friends who do drugs--but I think there are too many people in jail for doing drugs, and putting them there does society no good.

I also do not think prohibition would make very much difference in who smokes pot, or in who graduates to hard drugs--in fact, I think it is likely that legalizing drug sales might even make it harder for kids to get them.