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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rum's Randoms

I've been deep in thought and I have no idea what to write about today. I have pieces of posts in my mind, but nothing concrete - and since I have things to do today (C) Katt Williams - I'm gonna just ramble. Try to follow along.

1. Everybody Hates Chris is a funny, funny show. I'm sad it was cancelled. Not that I ever knew what day or time it came on when it was actually on, but you know, I'm sad about the principle of it gettting cancelled. That it's one less Black show on the air.

2. I need someone to get me Season 2 of The Game on DVD. Lol.

3. I soo wish there was a Black version of 'How I Met Your Mother.' The show is soo hilarious! And they touch on so many themes, while accurately portraying the joys/pains/angst of going from late 20s to 30 (and on), of growing up and finding a way in life. The writing is great, the story lines are funny (and poignant at times), their continuity is awesome. I wish that Black people were given the chance to be creative, witty, and just be able to riff on the absurdity of everyday life. From banishing potential mates because they haven't seen certain movies (theirs was the Star Wars MJ and I agree in the Black version it would be the Five Heartbeats - ha!), or making a Murtaugh List of things you're too old to do once you hit 30, or just the differences between single people and those in a relationship. Ahhh it all blends perfectly. But no, we are blessed to have House of Payne and Meet the Browns with recycled storylines and plots that don't make sense - how is that baby was born last week and now she 10 years old?!?! Is what i say whenever my mother has it on. And then I walk out the room.

4. But then again I think that historically Black folks have not been encouraged to be creative. I remember one summer I worked with this program for "inner city" kids from DC and I taught English. I would give the kids a word for inspiration and then they had 5 minutes to write about anything they wanted. Half the five minutes were filled with, "Ms. Rum Punch what should we write about?" "Whatever comes to mind." "But what?" And this is why I think all this teach to the test will cripple our children. But that's a conversation for another day.

5. The other day I had Ocho Cinco's dating show, 'The Ultimate Catch' in the background and my father noted that today's TV sucks. Which is oh so true. But then he said, "it's so ego driven." Which is totally on point. I wonder if our children will even know what a sitcom is, or a drama. Soap operas will definitely be non existent. Will everyone just be walking around with a video camera, chronicling their lives? Although let the record show, if I had a video camera, I would be a total fool on the YouTube. Heh.

6. I just saw this commercial (it was on BET - cause I was watching 'The Game' don't ya know) and it was for federal student aid- and the Black guy who was supposed to be a "student" and in "college" was saying how he didn't have a father in his life. But his mother was STRONG and pushed him and helped him get through school. And his aunts believed in him. And told him he was goin' to college. And he didn't know nothin' bout this student loan stuff, but there were forms at his church! Basically it seemed like one stereotype after another - like the marketing/PR people got in a room and were like how can we reach the coloreds? We got it! A commercial talking about growing up without male figures, strong Black women and going to church. I mean they may as well thrown in that once the family was gathered around Big Mama's Sunday dinner table eathing fried chicken, greens, mac & cheese, she held up her hand and said, "now this family got to be that fist and help this boy get some student loans!!"

7. But then at the same time - mayhap this is truly more of a reality than I care to admit and this commercial resonated with the majority. And I am in the minority.

8. Sometimes when I watch Last Comic Standing I want to go try and be a stand up comedian. Not forever, but you know do one open mic. See if people would laugh or boo me off the stage. Or worse that nervous, polite laughter, that's like, 'who told her she was funny?' LOL!

9. I took a pretty awesome online writing workshop throughout the month of July that gave me an added dose of confidence in my skills and abilities. Ugh. Creating works of art for public consumption can be quite the daunting task. Well I mean when you want your work to be good. Anyone can create crap.

10. Have you ever felt no so fresh? Not down there! But in your life? Like you're not feeling bad, but not feeling great? You're good. You're ok. You're fine. But you want...something.

What you got random?

That's my time y'all!Happy Rum Punch Friday!


Tina D said...

girl i followed this post JUST FINE! i too was sad about everybody hates chris. i love the game, but am sad i must venture to BET for it (just got netflix tho!). "reality" tv is gettin real old and mr. ochocinco's narcissim is a bit much for me. black stereotype commericals make me feel the same. i know a lot of it is true, but i wld like us to be portrayed differently sometimes. ur the 2nd person to say how awesome 'how i met ur mother' is...now i have to put it on my netflix cue! i too wish we had better black comedies (i refuse to watch meet the browns or house of payne). sometimes i'd like to try stand up comedy just once too, bc i CRACK MYSELF UP! yep...random can be good, thanks lady :-)

MrsMeany said...

1. I'm sad to see that Everybody Hates Chris is being cancelled. Not that I watched it, but because it seemed like a funny show...I think I heard that the father is already signed up to be on a new show.
2. I never watched The Game either! (I really need to up my TV game...I just never know when things come on and if I do, I still never watch it! The last show that I watched religiously was Living Single and that was only because my soror wrote for the show...)
3. Never saw How I Met your Mother...I'm a TV-loser! (and House of Payne and Meet the Browns? negative.)
4. Yeah, I don't get that! Why are we being stifled? We are VERY creative people! Sheeeeeeeeit! We are the creators of so many everyday items, but if we do not teach our children that, they will not know the history of our creativity. Everything may be "Made in China", but the inventors may have been black!!
5. No go to Ocho Cinco. He's a buffoon! (I agree with Papa Punch's take re: ego centric shows)
6. WOW...those PR/marketing/ad people need to be SHOT! why do they think that is cool? SMH...I guess that's how white America sees us. I have a HUGE problem with that! HOW DO WE CHANGE THAT PERCEPTION???
7. No, GIRL, that commercial's concept doesnt sit well with me either! and I know if I described it to my family and close friends, they'd all shake their heads too! More of US are not cool with all of the stereotypes that these commercials have for minorities (I'm not even Hispanic and that "IO Digital Cable" commercial PISSES me off erry time I see it!!)
8. I got jokes, but I have a small fear of the whole public speaking thang...it stems from my "shy girl" days...trying to overcome that!!
9. Good for you! Workshops, courses, classes, seminars--ANY or ALL of that gets 2 thumbs up from me! Any way to learn something new, improve yourself, make yourself more marketable or open your mind is a GOOD THING! No one can EVER take away something you've learned!
10. Sometimes life gets a little "stale"...you've GOT to keep shit fresh, fun, light-hearted and breezy! Life's too short to live all hum-drum...Sometimes RANDOM is good--everything can't ALWAYS be all organized in a row! Life gets messy and disorganized at times.

Rum Punch said...

@ Tina D - Yes, Minty and I <3 'How I Met Your Mother' - it's pretty funny and clever. Put it in the cue! :-)

@ Mrs Meany - Yeah, dad from Everybody Hates Chris is on the TBS show 'Are We There Yet?' I think that's what it's called. But I don't know when that comes on either. LOL! Yeah I feel you on shaking things up! Plan on doing that soon and very soon. Sidenote though - you were shy?!? Really?

Sooo we are all agreement on the ridiculousness and foolishness that is House of Payne, Meet the Browns, the student loan commercial, and ocho cinco? Awesome.

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